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One of my dreams is that we will be identified by character, not skin color

Martin Luther King Jr.

By parth rakangorPublished about a year ago 4 min read

About a hundred years ago, the great American (Abraham Lincoln) signed a special document of freedom that ignited a ray of hope in the minds of millions of enslaved Negroes burning in the fires of injustice. But today, even after a hundred years, Negroes are not free. Negroes are entangled in a chain of discrimination. In the midst of the vastness of prosperity the Negro population is trapped on an island of poverty. One hundred years later, the Negro population is still marginalized in American society, and that is why we are all here today to bring this shameful situation to the world.

Apparently we have come to cash a check. While the architect of our republic was writing the constitution and the Declaration of Independence, he also signed a letter of promise. Whose heir was every American. It was a promise that all people here would have an equal right to live, to be free and happy, whether they were white or black. But America is not living up to its promise to its black compatriots. But we do not believe that the bank of justice has gone bankrupt. We also do not believe that this country is short of opportunities. That's why we're here to cash in on this check. This check will give us protection of freedom and justice.

We are here to let you know that we no longer have the comfort of waiting for the right time. It's time to dump her and move on. It is time to step out of the darkness and injustice and set foot on the bright ground of sexual justice. It is time to take our country out of the law of racial injustice and reach the pinnacle of harmony. It is time to make racial justice a reality for all. Ignoring today's moment can prove fatal for our country. The heat of dissatisfaction of the Negro population will not end until the spring of freedom and equality has come. 1963 is not an end but a beginning. I know that some of you have come here after suffering a lot. Some have come from places where they have had to endure atrocities, so much so that they have to bow to police brutality. Keep up the good work and keep up the good content. Now we are not to be discouraged. Despite being surrounded by the difficulties of today and tomorrow, my dream is forever. This dream is deeply connected to the American Dream.

My dream is that one day this country will rise and truly embrace our doctrine which is to prove to ourselves the truth that everyone has been sent to earth with equality.

My dream is to one day sit together on the red mountains of Georgia with the children of years of slavery and the children of the masters.

My dream is that the state of Mississippi, burning in the fire of injustice and oppression, will appear painted in the green of freedom and justice.

My dream is that one day my four children will live in a country where they will be known not by their skin color but by their character.

Today is one of my dreams! My dream is to live in Alabama where there is brutal racism, black boys and girls and white boys and girls shaking hands like brothers and sisters.

Today is one of my dreams! My dream is that every valley will be leveled, every mountain will be leveled and complex forests will be leveled. Then God's grace will rain and everyone will feel it.

This is our hope and with this confidence I will return to the South. With the hope that we will be able to climb the mountain of despair and get out of the stone of hope. With the belief that we can work together, worship, struggle together, go to jail together. Know that we will one day be free. All of this must come true if America is to become a great country. When that happens we will reach the day when all the children of God - white and black, Jewish and non-Jewish, Protestant and Catholic - will sing the spiritual song of the Negro community: Finally we are free, finally we are free! Thank you my God, we are finally free!

We will not be satisfied until the truth begins to flow like a bright river

We will not be satisfied as long as not a single Negro policeman continues to suffer terror and brutality. We will not be satisfied as long as we are prevented from entering highways and city hotels. We will not be satisfied until we have stopped hurting our dignity by putting up boards for whites only. We are not satisfied and will not be until justice flows like water and truth flows like a river.



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