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Living in a Bizarro World

by Freddy Zalta 5 months ago in humanity
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anti-vaxxers, insurgency, unemployment, Hatred and Smile you're on Candid Camera!

We live in a time where I keep expecting to walk into a room and be greeted by, “Smile, you’re on candid camera!.”

The world makes no sense to me and I am 55 years old. I have see a lot of shit in my life. I am not naive nor a bitter man. I see things how they are and judge them based on undeniable truths. Not opinions or means to gain any yardage in my attempt to score.

I am not a social guy yet I am friendly and truly love people. I have found that it’s not appropriate to give compliments to people you are only acquainted with. It’s “Creepy” for me to say, “Good morning” to a female if we are passing on the street. (I also say good morning to males, but at this point that is accepted).

I listen to the music on the radio and I cannot believe the misogyny that is whether its ignored or considered art. The same women who cry out, “Sexploitation” sing along to the songs and know all the lyrics that are more demeaning to women than anything I have ever heard. Apparently as a male, I am not permitted to opine on this.

I look at the political climate and I am astounded by the partisan thinking. Why can’t someone call out someone from their own party when they are doing things that are not acceptable? We just rid ourselves of a very dangerous leader and we are now led by someone who is well past his prime to lead.

Baseball players are being locked out of their jobs because the players and the owners cannot figure out a way to give and take fairly. When did baseball become a socialist state?

There is a pandemic which has claimed (as of this moment) 5,507,898 deaths around the world. A vaccine has been invented which can lessen the degree of the virus so it won’t kill or get one very sick. People are fighting to not take it all in protest of a false definition of freedom. They question the ingredients of the vaccine yet will smoke a joint or take an Advil not even questioning what is laced in there.

Hatred and anger seem to be at an all time high. Politics and social media have fueled them. People can be very courageous when opining anonymously from behind a screen. Their opinions cause hatred and anger to grow even faster than a virus or a wildfire.

Common decency has been replaced by rejection and paranoia. Respect has been replaced by disgust and xenophobia. Love is sex and sex is loveless these days.

People are told to smile, when in fact a smile can be harder to pull off than jumping across buildings in a snowstorm. Sometimes one needs to cry and not be told how to feel. But society frowns upon them and quickly dispenses a pill or a way to manifest happiness and dreams. What the fuck does that mean? Isn’t that faking it until you make it?

I am unemployed and have been on and off for the past three years. I have not collected unemployment for the past two years (even during the pandemic when 16 year olds were getting $600 per week because they had worked in a camp once) and have been scrounging and asking. The system is upside down, backwards, capsized, upended and totally in reversal of how it should be.

January 6 was the other day and it marked the year since the President at the time instructed his lunatic followers to storm the capital and take back the election he had lost. They did! They almost stole democracy. As the anniversary of the day went on — pundits and media outlets actually questioned the reality of what had happened. Perhaps they are getting confused between fictional films and reality?

It’s all around us and it’s upside down! We are living in a bizarro world and it’s getting more and more bizarro each day.

I will try and manifest Allen Funt to show up and tell me to, “Smile, you’re on candid camera.”


About the author

Freddy Zalta

Currently working with families to develop personal biographies to be handed down to future generations.

Also writing fiction and poetry.

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