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Letter to the president...

Or, a heartfelt appeal to POTUS.

By Nefarious DarriusPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
The President Of The United States sent me an email (kinda sorta but not really)! Seriously tho, screenshot taken this afternoon at 12:25 PM.

7APR2023; 1846, FRI– Maryland, USA

Peace and blessings to one and all on this Good Friday. "Thank you for coming to my Ted talk".

I "did a thing", and maxed out the character count on the official White House website. Say that ten times with the quickness; heheh.

Before I scare you off completely: It was only about 350 words. For context, I most definitely didn't plan on officially writing the Prez this morning; if ever.

Regardless, I'm not sure if I was gonna wake up this AM without calling on my Higher Power. Yes, I know that this site is neutral on religion.

Be that as it may, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. If I'm too ashamed and/or too afraid to be *VOCAL* about He who made sure I arose out of the bed; instead of being raised On High to merely watch over my Princesses and such...

A few more housekeeping items:

1.) The website at question in the letter below, please hear me out, is called The Silk Road. It's a source of extreme controversy; to say the least.

2.) One of, if not the only rule on the former site was that all interactions/sales be nonviolent in nature. Yes, weapons and dangerous drugs were traded/sold there; however, they still are being "moved" illegally, almost a full decade later if I'm not mistaken.

3.) Everyone who testified against/prosecuted the young man in question did so under duress; with lucrative incentives; and/or out of pure spite. That's the long and short of the environment that this movement is prayerfully finna be effective in; by some work of a miracle.

That's it. Now let's cannonball into some more Nefarious Darrius canon:

*** Begin transcription ***

7APR2023; 1111, FRI– Maryland, USA

Peaceful tidings, Mr. President. I'm "penning" this brief missive with but one, lone, single objective: To inquire as to the reasoning behind keeping Ross Ulbricht locked in a cage as if he were an animal?

Has he committed wrongdoing? "Let he without sin..."

Perhaps the fentanyl crisis would be slightly milder had he not created the website. Potentially even a few less "illegal" firearms would be on the streets if he'd put his creative genius to better use.

Be that as it may, I'm all but certain an unbiased/fair appraisal of the facts would see this young man granted clemency and/or a pardon. There's no one in the history of our country to be given his sentence.

Two lifetimes, with a century or so on top; for good measure? For running a nonviolent website on the Dark Web (DW)?

I know nothing about the DW; nor do I desire to. Also, I'm personally affected and effected by the fentanyl crisis in the country that I fought for; to an extremely palpable degree.

That being the case, I'm still squarely of the opinion that crime is an economics issue for over 99.42% of the individuals who participate in such. I can quite feasibly find veritable, verifiable sources which back up my claim.

I have never met Mr. Ulbricht, Mr. President. Nor have I ever voted for you.

Regardless, I am your constituent; and I consider that young man a dear friend. That being the case, I encourage you to look into his case; to ask tough questions; and to be objective when doing so.

Geniuses like Ross have had the cards stacked against them for far too long; and overwhelmingly in excess. If and when word spreads that you decided not to act on the matter of your own volition, I shudder to think of the likely ramifications for your political aspirations.

I can only imagine Hillary; and her barking on stage for votes, as if she were a pup vying for best in show. Please pardon my crassness and such.

To sum it up: Please be wary of obstinacy; and Free Ross. God Bless [the] USA.

*** End transcription ***



Prayerfully, you gained something pertinent (re: useful) from this post. If so, then please think about considering a show of support; however you may see fit.

Additionally, I'm easily reachable via Twitter. That's for private and/or public convos on the works written by me, my fav writers, as well as my other influences too.

The link in my bio will "counterintuitively" have that unmistakable tab in its main menu. Invariably, there's a tab in the very same menu cyclically returning you to my profile on this unfathomably superb site for writers.

Shoutout to all Vocal's inventors/staff/readers/writers. "[Y'all] the real MVP."

Lastly, if you're in the market for an incredulously original article of clothing or such: There's copious amounts at the link in my bio. Please don't believe for a NY minute that I'll be even remotely unappreciative of any all who "look out for the cookout".


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