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America Under Trump...Where Do I Begin?

Let's Argue
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On most days, for a wild host of reasons, the 45th President Donald @$#%!^$ J. Trump succeeds, rather effortlessly (if I do say so), in making the United States a horrendous laughingstock the world over. From his awkward handshakes with foreign heads of state, constant need of applause and praise from (far) right-wing news outlets and (blood) red states...to his obsession with his predecessor. There are so many reasons (too many to name) that identify/highlight/paint/depict/reveal and show Trump is unfit to be the president of a HAIR company, let alone an entire country. Some of those very reasons (which you will find below for your reading pleasure) speak VOLUMES louder to the madness that is the 45th American President than I ever could in a full-on, diatribe shitting on the pussy-grabbing Twitter fanatic.

Read. Learn. Enjoy (aka Share). Repeat!

Reason #1 - Tried to intimidate ex-FBI Director James Comey into silence by threatening to release secret recordings of their private conversations.

Reason #2 - Fired FBI Director Comey for failing to demonstrate personal loyalty to him.

Reason #3: Encouraged America’s intelligence executives to undermine the FBI’s Russia probe.

Reason #4 - Undermined international cooperation on climate change — and America’s credibility on the world stage — out of (mindless) spite.

Reason #5 - Actually accused London's first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism hours after a terrorist attack in London.

Reason #6 - Shared highly classified Israeli intelligence with a core ally of Israel’s top geopolitical foe.

Reason #7 - Then, accidentally, publicly confirmed that he had done so.

Reason #8 - Abandoned an alliance with a longtime Middle East ally over Twitter.

Reason #9 - Praised a foreign leader for his policy of sanctioning the extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug dealers and users.

Reason #10 - Released a budget with a $2 trillion math error.

Reason #11 - Shoved the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way, so that he could stand at the front of a group of NATO leaders.

Reason #12 - Disputed the Office of Government Ethics’s legal authority to oversee government ethics.

Reason #13 - Allowed the Justice Department to prosecute a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions.

Reason #14 - Knowingly hired a paid agent of the Turkish government as his national security adviser.

Reason #15 - Signed Yad Vashem’s Book of Remembrance as though it were a middle-school yearbook.

Reason #16 - Baselessly accused President Obama’s national security adviser of committing a crime — after his White House conspired with the head of the House Intelligence Committee to foment a false scandal.

Reason #17 - On the 96th day of his presidency, unveiled a tax-reform plan that was less detailed than the blueprint he had campaigned on.

Reason #18 - Said he was “absolutely” considering “breaking up” the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Reason #19 - Decided to upend the North American economy to win a desired headline — then changed his mind when he was informed that people who voted for him would be among those most adversely impacted by such a measure.

Reason #20 - Refused to turn over documents on his first national security adviser’s financial relationships with foreign governments, despite requests from the House Oversight Committee.

Reason #21 - Allowed the State Department’s website to advertise his Florida resort.

Reason #22 - Had his daughter meet with the Chinese president the same day that her company won trademarks from the Chinese government.

Reason #23 - Referred to several different North Korean leaders as “this gentleman.”

Reason #24 - Praised a cable-news anchor who was fired for serial sexual harassment, days after declaring April “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.”

Reason #25 - Baselessly accused his predecessor of illegally wiretapping his phones.

Reason #26 - Allowed his White House to defame the intelligence agency of a core U.S. ally for the sake of defending the infallibility of his tweets.

Reason #27- Suggested that being wiretapped by Barack Obama was the one thing he and the prime minister of Germany had in common.

Reason #28 - Gave his daughter an office in the White House and a security clearance — while keeping her immune from conflict-of-interest laws.

Reason #29 - Allowed his budget director to argue that cutting funding to Meals on Wheels is “probably one of the most compassionate things we can do.”

Reason #30 - Demanded the passage of a health-care bill that he, himself, admitted would hurt his own supporters.

Reason #31 - Failed to staff nearly 2,000 vacant Executive branch positions.

Reason #32 - Signed an Energy Independence Executive Order that will not make America more energy independent — but will likely prevent America from honoring its international commitments to reduce carbon emissions.

Reason #33 - Held a nuclear strategy session in the public dining room of his Florida resort.

Reason #34 - Allowed one of his senior advisers to complain about CNN’s political coverage to the network’s parent company — which has a proposed merger pending before the government.

Reason #35 - Allowed his administration to ask the FBI to leak favorable information, in violation of rules protecting the Justice Department’s independence.

Reason #36 - Declined to publicly condemn the shooting of two India-born engineers by a man who (allegedly) said “get out of my country,” as he fired.

Reason #37 - Declared himself the “least racist person” — then asked a black reporter to set up a meeting for him with her friends in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Reason #38 - Declared the “court system” a threat to national security.

Reason #39 - Insisted that his Supreme Court pick had no problem with attacks on the judiciary, in the face of blatant evidence to the contrary.

Reason #40 - Trashed New START during a call with Putin — after putting the phone aside to ask his advisers what that (nuclear-arms treaty) was.

Reason #41 - Publicly condemned a private company for dropping his daughter’s (increasingly unpopular) fashion line.

Reason #42 - Suggested that publicly criticizing his military decisions is tantamount to aiding “the enemy.”

Reason #43 - Got angry at his press secretary for being impersonated by a woman.

Reason #44 - Used the Executive branch’s immense authority over border control to inflict arbitrary cruelty on thousands of Muslim immigrants, create chaos at airports all across America, and sour diplomatic relations with the rest of the world.

Reason #45 - Violated court orders against his travel ban.

Reason #46 - Created a diplomatic crisis with Australia — and threatened to invade Mexico.

Reason #47 - Allowed his press secretary to falsely claim that Iran had committed an act of war against the United States.

Reason #48 - Retained the author of a reactionary screed that likened the 2016 election to Flight 93 as a national-security staffer.

Reason #49 - Suggested that Frederick Douglass is still alive in speech on Black History Month.

Reason #50 - Told a demonstrable lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration — and predicted that the media would “pay a big price” for refusing to repeat it.

Reason #51 - Told congressional leaders at a private meeting that he only lost the popular vote because undocumented immigrants cast millions of ballots against him.

Reason #52 - Suggested America might once again have the opportunity to confiscate Iraq’s oil.

Reason #53 - Allowed his company to leverage the cachet of his election into a massive expansion of its hotel empire.

Reason #54 - Ordered the Department of Homeland Security to issue a weekly list of crimes (allegedly) committed by undocumented immigrants in sanctuary cities.

Reason #55 - Prepared to radically reduce American funding to the United Nations.

Reason #56 - Signed a bevy of executive orders that were drafted by the White House’s Breitbart wing — and no one else.

Reason #57 - Stood by as his top advisers leaked like a sieve.

Reason #58 - Declared that his election had restored American democracy, in an angry, authoritarian inaugural address.

Reason # 59 - Replaced the White House website’s page on climate change with a vow to drill for oil on federal lands.

Reason #60 - Defamed a hero of the civil-rights movement in a series of racist tweets.

Reason #61 - Suggested that America’s intelligence agencies might be turning the United States into something akin to Nazi Germany.

Reason #62 - Allowed his secretary of State nominee to pledge that America would block China’s access to its disputed islands in the South China Sea — a promise that, if kept, would almost certainly mean war.

Reason #63 - Named his son-in-law a senior White House adviser, in defiance of norms (and, very likely, laws) against nepotism.

Reason #64 - Called NATO obsolete.

Reason #65 - Repeatedly denigrated America’s intelligence agencies, then leaked plans to downsize them.

Reason #66 - Declared his openness to reviving a nuclear arms race.

Reason #67 - Disparaged the sitting American president, while praising a hostile foreign autocrat.

Reason #68 - Continued to use Twitter as a tool for souring diplomatic relations with the world’s second-greatest power.

Reason #69 - Named a billionaire investor — with an enormous, personal financial interest in deregulating certain sectors of the economy — as his special adviser on regulatory reform.

Reason #70 - Declared the American intelligence community to be inherently untrustworthy, after it produced information that he did not like.

Reason #71 - Said he would continue skipping daily intelligence briefings when he becomes president because he’s smart enough to get by without them.

Reason #72 - Said he doesn’t know why he should be bound by the One China Policy.

Reason #73 - Invited his adult sons — who are slated to run the Trump Organization next year — to a policy meeting with the leading lights of Silicon Valley.

Reason #74 - Picked a man who once tried to call for the abolition of the Energy Department — but couldn’t remember the department’s name — as secretary of Energy.

Reason #75 - Named his bankruptcy lawyer — who thinks liberal Jews are “worse” than Nazi collaborators — as his pick for ambassador to Israel.

Reason #76 - Provoked heightened diplomatic tensions with two nuclear-armed states.

Reason #77 - Defended the propriety of mass murder as an anti-drug policy.

Reason #78 - Handed the Environmental Protection Agency to a climate denialist.

Reason #79 - Attacked a local labor leader for calling attention to his lies.

Reason #80 - Handed the Labor Department to a serial violator of labor law.

Reason #81 - Requested security clearance for a conspiracy theorist who claims that the Clintons operate a Satanic child-sex ring out of a popular D.C. pizzeria.

Reason #82 - Baselessly accused a private company of ripping off the government, shortly after the CEO of that company criticized his trade policies.

Reason #83 - Questioned the legitimacy of the election he just won.

Reason #84 - Appointed Ben Carson secretary of Housing and Urban Development — despite the fact that Carson has no relevant experience and recently declared himself unqualified for any cabinet position.

Reason #85 - Allowed his D.C. hotel to actively court the patronage of foreign diplomats.

Reason #86 - Invited the manager of his blind trust onto a phone call with the president of Argentina.

Reason #87 - Met with Indian business partners who have publicly declared their intention to capitalize on his status as president-elect.

Reason #88 - Tried to coerce Britain into appointing a right-wing extremist as its ambassador to the United States.

Reason #89 - Berated the media at a closed-door meeting for publishing unflattering photos of his double chin.

Reason #90 - Criticized the cast of a Broadway musical for asking the vice-president to work on behalf of all Americans.

Reason #91 - Settled a fraud case for $25 million.

Reason #92 - Admitted that his charity was guilty of self-dealing.

Reason #93 Derided protestors as paid professionals whose acts of free speech are fundamentally “unfair.”

Reason #94 - Invited the manager of his “blind trust” to a meeting with the prime minister of Japan.

Reason #95 - Assembled a team of racists to lead his White House.

Reason #96 - Took credit for the fact that Ford will not be relocating a plant to Mexico (which they never had any intention of relocating to Mexico).

Reason #97 - Declared America’s leading newspaper a “failing” institution.

Reason #98 - Abandoned his press pool.

Reason #99 - Floated the idea of hiring his son-in-law to a White House position, in possible defiance of laws against nepotism and norms against conflicts of interest.

Reason #100 - Took calls from foreign leaders on unsecured phone lines, without consulting the State Department.

Reason #101 - Referred to his White House transition as, though, it were the next season of "The Apprentice."

Reason #102 - Trump's slippery political carousel continues to see more and more people vacate the Trump administration: Marc Kasowitz (Trump's personal attorney), Mark Corallo (Trump's legal team spokesman), and Sean Spicer (Trump's White House Press Secretary...God was he awful at that gig...*smh*) ALL resigned within the last 18 hours.

Now I can assure there are plenty more reasons as to why a Trump presidency is not good for America (including the people who voted for him). I have no idea what America lost that millions of people say it needs to regain in order to be "great again"? Are they talking about when women were absolutely voiceless and invisible unless they were on their knees or bent over?...When LGBTQ people hid who they were and how they wanted to love from the entire world out of complete and unadulterated fear?...When indigenous Americans, the only real Americans in this country, were continually ignored and disrespected by energy companies?...When happy and proud white faces were immortalized by photos, as broken and beaten-to-death black bodies hung lifelessly in the background? That couldn't be "the greatness" that Trump supporters seek, right? Because that is reckless and unlawful wrongdoing against ENTIRE groups of various types of people.

So what is what you all want? Do you need another war? If so, why? We haven't really won a war since 1945. I mean, sure, we fought in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First AND Second Gulf Wars (Iraq), and are currently involved in the Iraqi Civil War (the rise and terror of ISIS). But a real victory? *shakes head* America hasn't tasted that since we tore up Germany 72 years ago, and if liberals prevail in the political arena internationally over the next several years, the chances of global warfare happening at the scale of WWII will be slim to none.

But I digress, global warfare is not the topic at hand, what is, though, is whether Trump is good for America. I say absolutely not, he doesn't have the temperament or know enough to navigate through the murky, and ever so, dangerous political maze that is Washington, DC.

Therefore, I think its just a matter of time before KKK and Alt-Right members are hailing current VP Mike Pence...when he, ultimately, pries the Oval Office from Trump's cold, dead fingers in the coming months ahead.

But, as is so often the case with these sorts of things, only time will tell. #Let'sArgue: To view my opponent, Matthew Handy's side, click here.

Dre Joseph
Dre Joseph
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