Dre Joseph

Opinions Editor, Race Essayist & Social Commentator

Let's Argue
6 hours ago
On most days, for a wild host of reasons, the 45th President Donald @$#%!^$ J. Trump succeeds, rather effortlessly (if I do say so), in making the United States a horrendous laughingstock the world ov...
The Miseducation of (Black) America
2 days ago
I was always well aware of the accomplishments of the Black people of the great African civilizations, now long since forgotten, through my own research outside of the classroom. What is troubling to ...
We Need a New Black Education System Nationwide
4 days ago
This is why Black people need our own school system. State-funded, that is to say, White-owned and managed, public or private schools in Black neighborhoods have been a COLOSSAL failure for so long it...
Blacks Can't Be Racist
5 days ago
Allow me, if you will, to set the fucking record straight. Black people cannot be racist—I repeat—cannot be racist when it comes to white people. We're bigoted and prejudiced as SHIT!!!!!!! But nah, w...
The KKK Still Around, Really?
6 days ago
Can someone, for the life of me, explain why in the FUCK are the Ku Klux Klan still in existence in 2017? Yet, when we had the Black Panther Party, the Federal Government had no problem shutting them ...
The GOP's Monster
8 days ago
A colleague of mine asked me: Do you think Trump is the beginning of the end of the America liberals and progressives were fighting for these last 50+ years? After I laughed out loud, I conjured up th...