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Johnson: Sanctions, Suspension, By-Election.

Johnson Being Held To Account?

By Nicholas BishopPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Johnson:  Sanctions, Suspension, By-Election.
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A cross-party committee will get to decide potentially the future of Boris Johnson. Allegations that Mr. Johnson misled parliament won't go away. Of course, in an interview, Mr. Johnson denies it all.

Mr. Johnson will face a cross-party committee and will face questions regarding did he or did he not mislead parliament.

The cross-party committee if it finds against Mr. Johnson could face sanctions, suspension and a possible by-election. If his constituents and the commons agree Johnson could face a by-election. He has been the MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip for a number of years.

Labour's Angela Rayner and Sir Keir Starmer have called on Prime Minister Sunak to "stop propping up" the former Prime Minister. "To act on any recommendations or evidence presented to Him" regarding Johnson.

The committee said Mr. Johnson would have known fully the rules on misguiding parliament. Mr. Johnson if found in breach of these rules will be found to be in contempt of parliament.

Boris Johnson down the years has been called 'Teflon'. Why because no matter what Johnson faced he always seemed to come out on top. The one exception was when he fell from grace as Prime Minister. Misleading the public and parliament about parties at No 10 and Whitehall. Boris was one of 126 MPs fined by Scotland Yard for breaking lockdown rules. Boris told the public to do one thing while He did the opposite.

Rishi Sunak was one of the 126 MPs who denied being at gatherings. After he was fined this showed him to be a liar and a denier. Yet when he became Prime Minister he said his regime would be transparent. However, because the Prime Minister lied about his involvement in 'party gate' how can anyone trust him let alone Johnson?

Of course, as mentioned earlier Labour will be using this for ammunition. And why wouldn't they? They are after all His Majesty's official opposition and oppose the government and hold them to account.

Despite stabbing Boris in the back metaphorically Sunak will protect Johnson. At the end of the day, Johnson and Sunak are both Conservatives. That's one reason why Sunak will protect his predecessor. Another reason is Sunak was part of the cabal of Boris' government. Sunak was party to and involved with everything Boris did and said. Boris could probably cause Sunak a lot of damage if he wanted to. Just as 'leaked texts' are calling into question the future of former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Boris Johnson has openly stated he wants to be back as Leader and Prime Minister one day. All of this could stop his ambition to mount a comeback in its tracks. It all depends on the due processes of the committee now deciding the potential future of Boris Johnson MP.

Boris Johnson will be seen as the most destructive and oddest Prime Minister we have ever had. In fact, the whole time this government have been in power has been so destructive. Where would anyone begin in describing this regime of 13 years?

If Labour wins the next election in 2024 they will have to hit the ground running. From day 1 they will have to have policies in place to turn this country around. Turn it around from the disastrous and destructive policies of 5 Conservative Prime Ministers.

Of course, one cannot deny that the Pandemic and Brexit also contributed to the UK's problems. Also now, the cost of living whether that be bills or the price of goods in shops. Now we have a shortage of things like tomatoes. You have to ask what is happening to our country because we are fast becoming a third-world nation.


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