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Tories Trailing Labour Economy.

GB News Commissioned Poll.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Labour Leader: Sir Keir Starmer.

Rishi Sunak according to a poll by the People's Polling company is in big trouble. The polling shows the Tories are trailing dangerously as compared to Labour.

The People's Polling company was asked to do the survey by right-leaning GB News. Mr. Sunak likes to say his time as Chancellor under Johnson highlights his strengths. He may have a point, however, that doesn't seem to be agreed upon by the electorate. If anything the rise to power of Wishy-Washy has turned the Tories downwards. They are now in a complete nose dive if you can see the Conservative government as an aircraft.

Asked who was better to manage the economy overall the questionees answered Sir Kier. Very few trusted Sunak and the Conservatives. It seems since the colossal victory of the Tories in 2019 something has gone badly wrong. 5 Prime Ministers, corruption, sleaze, lies, etc, the Tory's old buddies have come back to haunt them. 13 years in power has seen nothing but slashing cuts and deprivation to the poorest. Many people have finally had enough of all this and want something different. It would appear politically speaking Sir Keir and his chums are in the right place at the right time.

The poll highlights that just 18% trust Sunak with the economy. In contrast, 32% trust Sir Keir with the economy. Someone within the Tory party said, "this should worry those denizens of No 10". From No 10, however, there has been not a squeak. Obviously, Sunak's advisers will be watching all the latest polls including this. No doubt there is worry and consternation in Wishy-Washy central but they are not going to show it. They will have a carry-on regardless mentality at least to the media and public.

Sunak, Hunt, and co will really have to pull something out of the hat to turn around their fortunes. Boris sniping from the sidelines will not help Sunak. Boris has always said like Churchill (his hero) he would return as Prime Minister or at best, leader of the Tories. Would Boris even want a Sunak administration to win the next general election presumably in May 2024? Would he be prepared to see Sunak lose so he could make his move and be the leader again? Politics today is a strange game and it would not be surprising if this were the case.

The poll indicates that in a general election, 40% would vote Labour. While just 20% would vote Conservative. This sort of result would probably see the Tories in the political wilderness for years. While Labour would form the government with them in overall control or with some of the opposition parties. Although Labour has refused point blank so far to do a deal with the SNP, Lib-Dems, or any other party to form a coalition.

So it would appear despite being labelled as boring and having no personality Sir Keir has cut through to the people. In a world where every celeb has to have a personality or something to attract people maybe this was Starmer's handicap.

Now people are seeing the true result of 13 years of Conservative mismanagement people are looking to Sir Keir. As Sir Keir points out when he was in charge of public prosecutions he was by and large competent. Often as a barrister, he would represent those who could not afford it for free.

If a person has a catchy persona that's all well and good. However, if there is no substance behind it then it is all wishy-washy. Starmer may not have the glitz that Tony Blair had but he seems competent. That is what this nation needs for all its ills right now.


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