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Is Covid a con?

by Peter Rose about a year ago in controversies
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Politics or Conspiracy theory?

Is Covid a con?

Politics of the conspiracy theory

Coronavirus has been with us, that is in public awareness, since, about, January 2020. While its origins were thought to have surfaced towards the end of 2019. Many people still claim it is all a hoax, a trick, a conspiracy to subjugate “the people.” That old adage about a gramme of belief being worth more than a kilo of fact applies in this case. Evidence is questioned and every statement is believed to be part of a global confidence trick.

Paradoxically the very way erratic data has been published, especially at the start; the political and medical confusion, the constant “u” turns in containment policy, the contradictory statements. The sheer ineptitude in the way the whole thing has been handled world wide; indicates that it is not a super conspiracy or global lie.

If it were an organised world wide conspiracy, it would have been better organised, data would be consistent right from the start and plans would be firmed up before being published. The shifting of data parameters, the constant reappraisals of datum lines, all point to ineptitude, confusion and incompetence.

Put another way;- if it was a conspiracy, the governments (world wide) would have made sure they did not look so stupid. Which brings us to the politics of a global pandemic which is sham, a con, a subterfuge to hide another objective.

If it is a conspiracy then it has to have a planned objective and a defined origin. A planned objective suggests someone or some group, will gain from its existence. The vast pharmaceutical industry is an obvious suspect as are the financial manipulators who cream off the profits made by these global organisations. At this point the question has to be; how did the conspirators convince governments all round the globe, politically from far left to far right and every mix between the extremes, to all accept the plans? How have they managed to cause turmoil in the financial markets without loss to themselves? For this aspect of a conspiracy theory to be valid these pharmaceutical companies and their financial backers, must end up making more from selling the vaccines than it cost to develop them. It is also obvious that the planners can not be stupid or lacking in medium term planning. So what do they gain by reducing the number of available customers who will consume their products in the future? The main groups killed by the virus are the elderly and those with other health issues. These are the biggest customers to the pharmaceutical industry; it does not make sense to assume they will destroy their own biggest market.

Some claims are made that no one becomes ill, no deaths have been caused by the virus since it does not exist. This does not appear a sensible claim give the vast number of reports, from so many different sources all around the world; of deaths from the contagion. Sure some data is confusing and it is a reasonable opinion, formed by a study of the confusing data, that the numbers of deaths (from the virus) are distorted, some pushed up higher for unknown reasons, or just due to incompetence, while other nations may reduce the effect of the disease for their own internal political reasons. But even allowing for these distortions it is still clear that a considerable number of deaths can be honestly attributed to a pandemic.

If it is a political undertaking, then the objective must also be connected to the gaining of political power and control. Just as armed revolution, even acts of terrorism, have an objective of forcibly gaining political power while ignoring democratic processes; so must any use of deceit and hidden manipulation. Why else do it? Who has the ability, the need and the ruthlessness, to inflict such pain on the populations of every country? Given the generally accepted idea that the virus was first formed in China; although there were originally unconfirmed claims the Chinese laboratory were working for an American enterprise, which is little unexpected. Given also there are still some politicians in the Chinese communist party who adhere to Chairman Mao Zedong's belief that in a world wide war of total destruction, China would emerge as the victor simply by having more people and so more survivors. It would seem possible that if it were a political conspiracy to release a deadly biological weapon to kill all over the globe, the Chinese government would be the prime suspect. The doubt about this has to come from the complexity of the enterprise, the Chinese government system is incredibly bureaucratic with layer after layer of functionaries involved in every aspect of life and every decision. There is also a reasonable assumption that if any nation wished to unleash this pandemic on the world, they would not start it off in their own country; firstly because this would raise inevitable questions in the rest of the nations and also because its would destroy local popular support for the politicians instigating the situation. China may have some ultra socialist politicians who desire control to an extent they are willing to kill millions all over the world, including their own nationals but China is also emerging as a commercial super power and destroying the markets for their consumer products does not make sense and would not get agreement within the whole politburo of Chinese governance.

So who else in the world has the political power and the willingness to kill everyone so they can rule what is left. North Korea? The technical competence to deliver a world wide pandemic while disguising it as an illness has to be doubtful. It is also unlikely that the head of the nation could have been restrained enough not to boast about “his” victory over the rest of the world.

The possibility of a religious ultra zealot, combined with that fictional favourite, the mad scientist, releasing the contagion; does not stand up to serious consideration since by now, over a year into the situation, they would have claimed “victory” and by now governments all round the world, especially those with secret security operations, would have exposed and vilified the culprits and unleashed reprisals safe in the knowledge that everyone would support the destruction of those who caused so many deaths.

The most reasonable consideration is that this was not a deliberate conspiracy. It is self evident that some destructive illness has spread around the world, its origins are debated but it exists. It may be a “natural” event or it may be a biological weapon experiment that got out of control but it is not, on available evidence, a conspiracy in itself. Nor can any political ideology claim it as a victory for their beliefs.


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