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Military Might In Syria

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

Today, the world is that much closer to being engulfed in flames of violent horror. The match was lit by the United States where once again military action was taken. The aerial attack in Syria that Trump authorized is just another instance of governmental interference that has global ramifications. Implications that could very well be interpreted as an act of war without authentic justification.

When horrific pictures were released of many people in Syria after a chemical attack the United States was quick to assume that the Syrian government was responsible for inflicting carnage upon their own citizens. In the assumption that Assad without warning was responsible the United States took it upon itself to mount a military response to the alleged atrocities. Trump did so without the military assistance of our allies. Russia on the other hand who already has and is supporting the Assad regime has already set in motion what could be a military response with war ships in close proximity to the U.S. fleet already stationed in the Mediterranean. The Trump administration has made it clear that we intend to once again be the retaliatory force against atrocities committed by other countries. Just look what we did in the first and second Gulf war, Libya and through-out the whole Mid-East. Our military actions and foreign policy decisions have only created a tempest of open hostilities through-out the whole world.

It is obvious that the United States is being led down a road that will only lead to a more hostile and violent world. Whether the Syrian government was responsible for inflicting horrendous atrocities against their own people without bonafide proof that they did is not the real issue. The real concern is that when the Trump Administration's reaction was to use military force against the Syrian government puts the United States at the point of no return.

Questions have to be asked before the United States escalates military responses in the Mid-East yet again. When Syrian Foreign Minister Mr. Moualem reiterated that the Assad and his government had no hand behind the chemical attack in the northwest province of Idlib, it was a clear indication that Trump is too eager to commit military force without a unilateral collation in response to the alleged atrocities. We have to remember that ISIS and other rebel forces against the Assad regime have perpetrated atrocities all through-out this civil war. So far the only proof that has come out of Syria concerning the chemical attack have been doctored photos of civilians after this alleged attack.

One can not help think that someone has a more diabolical plan in mind to convince the Trump Administration to commit armed forces in response to this recent attack in Syria. The likelihood of retaliatory counter offensives by others in response to Trumps' rush to commit armed aggression is more than just skepticism. What this Administration accomplished by using military force in Syria when the United States was not in immediate danger just shows the world that our Imperialistic motives rule the day.

In the movie The Sum Of All Fears is a scenario that could be the real danger that is playing out today. This is where a rouge individual or organization pits one power against the other when all along the ones that perpetrated an act of violent terror are lying in wait until the more dreaded outcome of an international conflict destroys both sides. Could it be that Trump is so gullible to think that he alone could be justified in sending a military response that has no bearing on the security and safety of Americans here in the United States? Or is the Trump Administration using this attack in Syria as an excuse to shore up his military budget and prove to the world that he alone is so quick to act?

One has to wonder why now when this civil war in Syria has been going on for far too long. And, why does the United States seem to be the only nation that musters its military whenever and wherever some nation is embroiled in internal conflict? Where is the global response to ISIS and other terrorist organizations that have and continually spread terror anywhere and at anytime? If the world is so aghast at what is happening in Syria, North Korea along with other terrorists organizations why is the U.S. the only nation that sends its military in harms way?

No, this action by Trump will only lead to more failures and prove once again that history repeats. Repeats because our leaders are too focused on the matter that maybe this time will be different. Yet, we have seen it all through-out history nations fail to heed the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. And, Trump will prove that this time will be no different.

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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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