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International sharp comment丨The United States, which "pods drugs" to the world, can't think of accusing others

There is a Chinese saying that "the thief shouts to catch the thief"

By Mz zahidPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences recently published an inference data that shocked the world: American scientists found that the actual number of new coronavirus cases in the United States may be underestimated by 60%, that is, as many as 65 million Americans may be infected with the new coronavirus. This makes people realize once again that the world's only superpower has not controlled the epidemic within its borders at all, and it is a shortcoming in the global fight against the epidemic. Coupled with the fact that the US government has not taken any effective exit control measures, the new crown virus is spreading from its territory to all over the world-this is simply a global "poisoning" behavior.

There is a Chinese saying that "the thief shouts to catch the thief". At present, some people in the United States have used the new crown virus to trace the source of China to frame China, which can be described as vivid interpretation of this sentence. Who caused the global epidemic to spread? You might as well settle this account.

Looking back at the timeline of the U.S. epidemic, it can be found that the U.S. had cases of new coronary pneumonia in 2019, but the U.S. government deliberately concealed cases based on political self-interest. Missed the window period for epidemic prevention and control. This not only led to the rapid spread of the epidemic in the United States, but also seriously delayed the global fight against the epidemic.

Faced with the spread of the epidemic, American politicians are not responsible for their own people, and are equally indifferent to the lives and health of the people of the world. According to US official data, from April 2020 to March 2021, a total of 23.195 million American citizens traveled abroad via air and land. Because the US government has not implemented effective epidemic prevention measures, the world has fallen victim to the US epidemic.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison stated as early as March 2020 that 80% of the confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country were imported from overseas or had contact with people returning from overseas, and "most of them originated from the United States." The results of a May 2020 study by Tel Aviv University in Israel showed that about 70% of confirmed cases in the country were infected with virus strains from the United States. At the same time, Canada cited statistics from several provinces in the country to report that the virus in Canada was introduced by American travelers.

As for the Latin American people who are "too far from heaven and too close to the United States", they have a more profound experience of American selfishness and coldness.

As the United States repatriated a large number of illegal immigrants who have not been tested for the new crown virus to Latin American countries, Latin American countries have become the hardest hit areas of the US epidemic. Take Guatemala as an example. The Minister of Health of the country stated in April 2020 that the average diagnosis rate of people on repatriated flights from the United States was 50%, and some were even as high as 75%. The "New York Times" commented frankly that the US repatriation is tantamount to "exporting the virus."

In addition, the US military's global military operations, military bases and biological laboratories in many countries are also major threats to global epidemic prevention and control. From the confirmed cases of multiple aircraft carriers in the US Pacific Fleet, including the USS Roosevelt, to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic by the US military in Japan, to the high incidence of infectious diseases near the US military’s overseas laboratories all over the world, all of this has been described by the US media as “all around Poisoning".

The United States has always been accustomed to "settling accounts" with other countries, but it has never counted its confusion over its own fight against the epidemic. Not only that, but some US politicians have politicized the epidemic, stigmatized the virus, and instrumented the traceability in an attempt to stigmatize too many people, shifting responsibility for their own ineffective fight against the epidemic, and achieve the political goal of smearing and suppressing China. This ugly act is essentially to deliver another virus to the world-a "political virus", which is more terrifying than the new coronavirus.

Fighting the epidemic is the common responsibility of all mankind, not a hunting ground for US politicians to seek personal gain. The United States not only failed to fight the epidemic itself, but also exported the epidemic to the world, and even more political manipulation hindered global cooperation in the fight against the epidemic. These irresponsible behaviors neither respect science, but also violate international morality, and they are killing people.

If some U.S. politicians expect to show "U.S. leadership" in the global fight against the epidemic, please do your utmost to control the epidemic in your country, immediately stop political manipulation, stop "poisoning" the world, and take concrete actions to show what you deserve Conscience and international responsibility. (International sharp commentator)


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