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Insane Political Scandals That Everyone Forgot About

Though the following insane political scandals were huge at one point, we all seem to have forgotten them today.

By Cato ConroyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Insane political scandals are happening at breakneck rates these days, and it seems like every single day brings new news headlines involving espionage, cheating, lies, bribery, and more. The fact is that the current political climate is one that is embroiled in a lot of scandal.

Scandals involving both the GOP and the Democratic party have made us question our faith in democracy as a whole. The craziest part of all this is that we are now living in a time when there are so many scandals that we can't even keep track of them all.

Though the following insane political scandals were huge at one point, we all seem to have forgotten them today. Do you remember any of these doozies from the past?

Mark Foley's Underage Lover

Florida Republican representative Mark Foley was praised for his work while serving the House Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children. The conservative, anti-gay politician had a lot of praise from hardline Republicans who saw his beliefs as a breath of fresh air.

However, that all came apart after it was revealed that Foley was having an online affair with a teenage boy. The boy in question was a teenage page who was working directly underneath him, and the person who leaked the texts between the two later admitted that he didn't regret outing Foley - but he did regret inadvertently hurting the page.

The congressional research about the scandal was sluggish at best, and many people are convinced there was a coverup. Despite no charges for rape of a minor being charged, Foley stepped down from his position... only to become part of Trump's entourage 10 years later.

Anthony Weiner's Weiner Pics

Anthony Weiner was, for a long time, one of the most respected New York state congressmen. He had been a Democratic favorite seven times in a row, and also has gotten praise for his defense of LGBTQ rights.

However...that all came to a screeching halt when leaked photos of his own "little Weiner" came out on the net. It quickly became known that he was a longtime client of escorts, a serial philanderer, and just being a terrible husband to longtime wife, Huma Abedin.

Though he's been known to verbally spar with Donald Trump on Twitter, his career never fully recovered. Even so, he's still got a lot of fans and people seem to have forgotten about his scandals.

Senate Seat For Sale

One of the bigger house scandals of the United States government dealt with then-governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, who had allegedly offered to sell President Obama's former seat on the senate for cash. Governor Blagojevich was then impeached, arrested, and removed from office as a result of his brazen corruption.

Despite everything, his name no longer really seems to carry the shame that one would expect for someone who literally tried to put a price tag on American politics. Perhaps it's because he tried to pull a marketing campaign that defended his actions?

Either way, this is one of those insane political scandals that makes you wonder how many of our senators and representatives were really elected. Could it be that others bought their way in, too?

Sheila Dixon's Theft Spree

Mayor Sheila Dixon was Baltimore's darling, until she was arrested for embezzling government funding for the beleaguered city for her own personal use. The political scandal cost Dixon her job as mayor, but despite everything, Dixon is currently running for Baltimore mayor once more.

Amazingly, people forgot about the scandal when she ran again in 2016, and still voted for her. However, she didn't get the mayoral seat again despite having backers. So, perhaps they did learn?

The Chappaquiddick Killing

The Kennedy family is known for mayhem, madness, and murder - all the while being one of the most well-liked political families in American history. In fact, it's almost as if all the Kennedy scandals house a political power of their own. After all, they keep getting elected.

In 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy had invited Mary Jo Kopechne to go on a ride with him... when he had drunkenly made the mistake of driving off his family's dock.

Kennedy managed to escape, but Mary Jo Kopechne did not. The senator didn't report Kopechne's peril until the next day, when her body was still found inside the car. Kennedy came up with flimsy excuses as to why he didn't save her, and claimed he wasn't drunk. He was arrested and spent a total of two months in jail.

Despite the fact that he inadvertently killed a woman, he had a long, successful career in politics. This goes to show that insane political scandals can't always stop you from winning elections.

John Edwards's Tabloid-Worthy Affair

John Edwards was, at one point, a potential presidential candidate for the 2004 and 2008 elections. The Democratic senator's dreams of becoming president were dashed, however, when it became clear that he was having an affair with a campaign worker who was pregnant with his lovechild.

Despite having evidence of meeting up with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, John Edwards denied it all. Eventually, when he did come clean, he refused to break up with her despite being married to Elizabeth Warren.

Adding to the public outrage was the fact that Elizabeth Warren was not faring well, health-wise. Though the woman had cancer, she still made an effort to get to know Rielle Hunter and the lovechild she had with John Edwards.

Shortly after his wife passed away, John Edwards asked Hunter to move in with him. She broke up with him. Politicians moved to try to charge him for the coverup of the scandal.

Though charges were dropped, it did take some damage on him. The entire scandal ended up costing John Edwards his career after charges were filed for his coverup of the affair.

Edwards now works in law, running a very successful firm - so, while he didn't get away unscathed but people still choose to hire him. Even so, the series of insane political scandals that were sparked by the affair made him known as a "trailer trash" persona. So, while many forgot, high society still seems to remember.


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