How Democrats Are Slowly Winning Over Red States

This is how Democrats are slowly winning over red states, now that Trump's America is in full bloom.

How Democrats Are Slowly Winning Over Red States

The GOP's attempt to pass extremely controversial healthcare bills hasn't gone unnoticed by their constituents - especially those who would lose healthcare as a result of the issue. Republican representatives are now getting so many protests, shamers, and phone calls that they're refusing to hold town halls.

As you can imagine, the people who have voted Republican in the last couple of years may feel cheated. They feel lied to, hurt, and ignored by the very people who they chose to represent them.

That overall sentiment is exactly how Democrats are slowly winning over red states. Or, rather, we should say, it's the window of opportunity they need - and are seizing - for the elections coming up in 2018.

Politics has never been so incendiary in the United States. The entire GOP seems to be roiling in a crisis of leadership and constituency. Democrat party members are seeing this, and have been acting accordingly.

Here are the many ways how Democrats are slowly winning over red states, whether they have to work for it or just let it happen naturally. Chances are, if their efforts are shown, we may be a blue country in 2018.

The backlash against Trumpcare and the unbuilt wall is how Democrats are slowly winning over red states without actually having to do anything.

Trump's America is not a peaceful one. It's not "America becoming great again." Rather, it's turned into a series of scandals – like racist, homophobic, and misogynist remarks from Republican politicians, Russian collusion evidence, and Republicans actively voting against the common man.

Even diehard Republican voters are having a hard time denying the fact that the GOP, at best, seems to have a crisis of leadership going on. This is especially true with two of Trump's most popular presidential promises that he started his campaign with.

I'm speaking, of course, about the Obamacare repeal and the fact that the wall Trump swore his party would build both seem to be just hot air. Voters in red states did want him to follow through with these (morally and fiscally dubious) promises.

However, Trump and his cronies backpedaled. Now, they're in office - but they're not following through on the promises they made. To make matters worse, they're trying to pass unpopular legislation that actively hurts their constituents - or just downright doesn't jive with the party's alleged platform.

Nowhere is the rage hotter than online. The fallout from the lack of promise fulfillment and the damage they're doing to constituents can be seen on Twitter handles like @trump_regrets.

Every day, more Trump supporters start to question what they did when they voted him in - and as you can see on Twitter, people are really angry with themselves for voting for him. Who can blame them? They feel cheated, and rightfully so.

Nowhere is this more true than the Obamacare repeal, which inspired ire from many hardcore conservatives throughout the Midwest. When people realized that Trumpcare would remove their health insurance, drive up costs, and also potentially cause people to die, many Republicans got a huge wakeup call.

As every single news article showing Republicans betraying their own constituents gets published, it's easy to see how Democrats are slowly winning over red states online. After all, it's hard to ignore all the news you see on Facebook, right?

The Republican party's hypocrisy, smugness, and refusal to admit responsibility is how Democrats are slowly winning over red states in person.

News outlets cast clips showing Republican House Representatives drinking beer and celebrating after they passed a bill that would strip people of Medicare, remove protections, and also force them to pay more while getting less.

In late April, an Alaskan Republican politician slapped a reporter who asked him a very upfront, honest question.

Rather than actually debating in congress, many Republicans are starting to just leave, mid-questioning.

Republicans are also now refusing to hold town halls because "they don't want to get yelled at."

They no longer have anyone to blame but themselves, and they are refusing to acknowledge their terrible behavior. And, their constituents are seeing that they're being locked out of their own discourse with the very people they elected.

Democrats don't have to do anything to get votes of disgruntled Republicans who are tired of being ignored. They just have to breathe, and let Republicans come to their own conclusions.

Here's how Democrats are slowly winning over red states in person.

Republicans in Trump's America no longer want to have anything to do with the people who voted them in. There's no longer any real form of discourse between the party and the GOP constituent base. As a result, they no longer care to hold town halls.

However, Democrats do want to hear what GOP voters have to say - and as a result, they've been attending town halls instead of the elected officials. Republicans are noticing this, and they are beginning to to wonder why they voted red.

Make no mistake about it - if the voters in red states are actually thinking when they vote, they will most likely vote their areas into blue states by 2018.

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