Important Books Every Young Conservative Should Read

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Can't stand liberal media's way of talking politics? According to fellow conservatives, these are the the books every young conservative should read...

Important Books Every Young Conservative Should Read

More than ever before, conservative thought leaders have been seeing their books flying off store shelves. These days, lots of people want to understand right-wing ideologies, and want to learn how to support conservative politicians.

As more conservatives than ever show their support for right-leaning politics, it's crucial to educate people who are new to politics about conservatism in all its forms. To help out, we made this list of books every young conservative should read.

Arizona senator Barry Goldwater was one of the biggest names in right-wing politics during the 60s, and basically defined what it means to be a true conservative. If you've ever been called a "Goldwater conservative," feel honored—they're comparing your ideals to Barry's!

The Conscience of a Conservative is one of the most important books every young conservative should read, simply because it brings into focus the morals of the conservative movement.

Conservative politicians still regularly cite The Conscience of a Conservative as one of the most inspiring pieces of conservative literature out there. So, if you have an eye for politics, this is a must-see.

This book was written almost 200 years ago, but still remains one of the most important books for young conservatives should read... as well as one of the most important books for liberals, too. This in-depth study gives you a striking insight into the early years of America's life.

To date, Democracy in America remains one of the most fascinating reads about American politics—and continues to give people a great look into the roots of American political society.

Almost everyone would tell you that this is one of those books young conservatives should read—or that it's basically conservative required reading already.

Atlas Shrugged is one of the most conservative-leaning novels out there. It takes place in a dystopian society that is basically crippled due to excess government intervention. All the most productive members of society leave as a result of all the restrictions.

If you've ever wondered what a conservative's nightmare would look like, you need to read Atlas Shrugged.

The Federalist Papers were a series of essays about visions of the newly established country written by America's Founding Fathers—and as such, deserved to be among the books young conservatives should read.

Everything about The Federalist Papers deals with what the Founding Fathers really intended for the America. Federalist 78 alone has been cited in over 30 different court cases dealing with federal government and individual freedoms.

Considering its importance, this is a great read for anyone who wants to have a career in politics.

The Road to Serfdom was published just as World War II came to a close, and was a telling look at the need to keep individual freedoms intact. Von Hayek's memories of the turmoil in Germany turned him against centralized economic planning—and gave him the inspiration to pen one of the greatest books on economics ever.

For conservatives, The Road to Serfdom shows why conservative economics works so well, and why Germany dissolved into chaos prior to the war.

Russell Kirk first penned this book in 1953, but even in today's political climate, it remains one of the best books young conservatives should read. Featuring ideologies that were favored by geniuses like Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Adams, Toqueville, and more.

The Conservative Mind isn't just a great book about what traditional conservatism is and gives you an amazing history of conservative thought. It's a downright amazing tribute to the greatest conservatives in American history and beyond.

Richard Weaver was the maverick who first claimed that Western civilization would decline—and much of the current fears in the current political climate can be traced back to the concerns brought by Ideas Have Consequences.

Weaver points out that ideologies are not all the same, and that denying universal truths will likely lead to society's decline. At a time when people are denying vaccines and similar tech from working to keep humanity alive, it's clear why Ideas Have Consequences is one of the books every young conservative should read.

Love a free market? What red-blooded conservative doesn't? Milton and Rose Friedman are a conservative couple that adore the power that a free market can offer—and decided to pay homage to it with a book that explains why a free market is the best market out there.

This book was written by a Nobel Prize winner who openly criticizes the FDA and other interventionist groups. Free to Choose offers a case that will help promote minimal income and maximum enjoyment via a natural free market, too.

To the Friedmans, free market means freedom, and that's a beautiful thing.

John Stuart Mill was not an American philosopher. In fact, he wasn't even a politician. However, this British philosopher managed to create one of the finest books every young conservative should read in order to understand the true importance of freedom, liberty, and states' rights.

If you've ever heard the phrase, "tyranny of the majority," then you have John Stuart Mill to thank. His terminology remains popular after over 150 years. So, it's safe to say that his work is a conservative classic.

William F. Buckley was one of the first men to rail against the staunch liberal views of his alma mater, and when he decided to write one of the most scathing books against Yale University in history.

Buckley questioned the (lack of a) role of God in Yale's teachings—and asked why people couldn't make their own decisions on what a quality education should include.

Sick of the current social policy in schools? If you feel marginalized by a liberal college, then you'll totally get why this is one of the academic books every young conservative should read.

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