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IDF: Reaches Outskirts of Gaza City.

Israeli Tanks and a Bulldozer.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
IDF in Action.

According to the Mid-East media outlet, Al-Jazeera, the IDF reached the outskirts of Gaza City. With tanks and a bulldozer. The IDF took 'potshots' at vehicles on Salah al-Din Street.

The tanks and accompanying vehicles had cut the road from the north to the south. The road is in the middle of Gaza City. However, Salama Maarouf, said Hamas fighters had driven the tanks back. And Gazan civilians could go about their everyday lives. How true, the above information is cannot be said. Both sides, put out, propaganda. So any info delivered by news outlets from disclosed or undisclosed sources should be treated with a grain of salt.

Certainly, Israel has launched its ground offensive. Israel has said it has dealt with any Hamas resistance. Destroying tunnels, military hardware, and scores of Hamas leaders and fighters - dead. There has been no news on IDF injuries or casualties. Israel may not admit this so as not to give the enemy hope. Many Gazans are refusing to leave as instructed by Israel. Israel told 1.1 million Gaza City residents to move to Khan Younis in the south. Many did but Khan Younis is getting bombed by the Israeli Air Force. So much, for Gaza City residents, being safe. Israel would say it is hitting Hamas facilities in Khan Younis.

Israel says it is fully aware of international law and acting to limit civilian deaths. However, civilians will die and have died. According to Hamas, 8,000 Gazans are dead. If Hamas is operating from population areas, then non-combatants will die. Most have died from bombings where whole neighbourhoods and families have been wiped out.

1,400 Israeli civilians were killed (allegedly) at the hands of Hamas. The deaths were perpetrated in a kibbutz and at an open-air rave. 200 and odd people were taken as hostages. Although, with Qatari and Turkish intervention, some hostages are being released. Hamas said 50 hostages had died during the IDF bombing. Again, this cannot be, clarified.

Benjamin Netanyahu quoted the Old Testament about the Amalekites. And in that scripture, it tells the Israelites, to show no mercy to these enemies. Destroy them utterly and destroy everything connected to them. Their dwellings, animals, and even sucklings, must not be spared. If Netanyahu, is literally telling the IDF to do this in Gaza, then the IDF will be, committing mass murder.

So, Israel wants revenge. Any Palestinian will do for this wrath, whether a Hamas fighter or not. This narrative will suit the Israeli Prime Minister, as before the war, he was guilty of alleged corruption. Israelis demonstrated because he wanted the courts under his control. So, no doubt, they could not convict him of any wrongdoing.

Netanyahu is in government with far-right political parties and ultra-religious parties. With this war raging the heat will be off Netanyahu. He is probably hoping that this war will save him. That he will be seen as Israel's tough, uncompromising, Churchillian, Prime Minister. In his dreams maybe. Once this war is finished, Netanyahu knows he is extremely unpopular. Some say because Israel did not see this Hamas attack Netanyahu should have resigned. However, he will not, because his arrogance, won't let him.

It is alleged Egypt warned Netanyahu that Hamas was going to attack Israel. Allegedly, however, Netanyahu chose to ignore the warning. Perhaps purposely so.

Perhaps, when the Egyptian warning came through, Netanyahu, craftily spotted an opportunity. An opportunity to save his time in office and chose not to react to the Hamas attack. So, it made it look like there had been an intelligence failure. So was this war, engineered? Even though, there were risks to Netanyahu and his administration?

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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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