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I wish I hadn't checked

I wish I hadn't checked

By XAVIER SMITHPublished 11 months ago 4 min read

Chinese characters, is a common thing, we write compositions, homework, are inseparable from it, if we write, less or more pen, it may become other words or not words. Today, I will take the time to write a composition and tell you the story of me and Chinese characters!

I remember in the third grade dictation, just because of a word let me miss Yoga. The bell rang, the teacher came in seriously, said to us: "Today, we want to dictation, the students have reviewed?" Most of them say: "review".

I answered with confidence. We took out our books and began to dictate. The teacher first read the poem "to the West Lake than the west, light makeup always appropriate." After the dictation, I confidently put the book to go up, to the third class, the teacher finished the dictation book, when I read my name, a voice touched my heart, I completely let me despair: "Li Yaxin, excellent". I took back my book, carefully looked at it again, originally, I was writing "to the West Lake than the west", the "west" written "you". I wish I hadn't checked properly, or I would have gotten an A.

Since then, I have learned that we must not write Chinese characters wrong, otherwise it will become another word, to check their homework there are no mistakes!

Chinese characters are an important crystallization of wisdom of ancient people. I have had many interesting things with Chinese characters. Among them, I was most impressed by solving puzzles with my family members.

On Saturday evening, my family and I played a game -- charades. First of all, grandma said: "thousands of words, waist, what is the word?" We said in unison: "It is' incense ', is the word incense." Then, I said: "Next to a worm, a pile of soil on the right, what is the word?" This question can be stumped everyone, I proudly reveal the answer: "The answer is frog 'frog'." Dad suddenly saw the light, unconvinced said: "That you know have eyes can not see, have heart can not remember?" "I know, I know, is it dead?" Mother asked me why, I am proud to say: "can't see is blind. Have a heart to remember, that is to forget. Busy and forget, there is a common point, is dead. So the answer is death." Grandpa is not to be outdone, said: "Yishanbangshui is what word?" This was mother guess: "is' Shan '."

A minute in the past, the game had to play next time, our Chinese characters are the treasure of the Chinese nation, they are in myriad forms, square square Zhengzheng, handsome tall and straight. How lovely these Chinese characters are composed of horizontal, vertical, skimming and na.

Chinese character is one of the most enduring characters, it originated in China, is a unique art in the world. However, Chinese characters are difficult to write, so I often make mistakes.

I'm a sloppy person, so typos often work against me, just one exam. On that exam, when the paper was handed out, I lost five points on my essay. When I saw the composition, I was taken aback. The marks the teacher put on the squares were all wrong characters. The marks on the paper with the red pen and the pen were just like a picture. There are too many mistakes! There is a word I remember the most clearly, is "pull radish" "pull", I have written "dial" all the way down wrong, all the way by the red pen circle up!

When I corrected the wrong words to the teacher's approval, the teacher said to me: "You see, you see, there are wrong words everywhere, you this problem in the end when can you correct it? You know, if you don't make any mistakes, a five-point essay will become a two-point essay. No more mistakes." The teacher scolded me a meal, after, I gave myself a request - write less mistakes.

I have also written a lot of mistakes, such as: "style" word originally did not prime, and more than a prime, "Wu" word is the same; "Seat" word written as "degree" word; "Hope" instead of "hope"...

I must get rid of this bad habit of writing wrong characters anyway. I must write carefully, or I will suffer a great loss. Ah! How I love typos!

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