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I Miss It!!

by Erik DeSean Barrett about a year ago in opinion
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Walking these streets; doing simple activities like tea at Starbucks, or lunch in chick-fil-a was done without a thought.

Taken on the pier near Norfolk Armed Services Memorial in Town Pointe Park

My Friends,

It may or may not be hard for you to believe, but we are now a year into COVID-19. It was first discovered last December in Wuhan China. Since then nearly 300 thousand people have lost their lives with close to 20 million lives directly impacted; just inside the proverbial walls of these states united. Then we have the remaining 320 million.

This maybe one of those hey lets debate it statements; But I believe those of us who are in the 320 million are super important. We have been ignored, because our physical lives have not been threatened triggering a weird train of thought that suggests if you’re not societally in trouble than suck it up. Yet those of us in healthy majority have struggled to both redirect, and redefine their lives. At this point some 40 million people are unemployed, scrapping the barrels for scraps, and just stuck with what to do next. In a moment of personal privilege, I sit now thinking, MAN.. This has in someways become one of the hardest times of my young life.

I remember somewhere around the middle of last year, listening to a podcast by entrepreneur, and serial investor Gary (VEE) Vaynerchuk. His commentary on the state of our world made complete sense to me, and drove me to agree with many of his ideals. One of those ideals was hoping for a global reset. This was also suggested by Bernie Sanders. Both Gary and Bernie, hit the hammer on the ideological nail; in my humble opinion. Their perspective argued, the only true way to balance the culture was to somehow reset it. Before 2019, African Americans, not exclusively, except for my speaking, have been struggling to gain a footing in the culture.

If we can for just a moment. Think about the major aspects of the culture. Education, Business, Technology, even Entertainment. All entities that have been a historical nightmare for black and brown communities. They have struggled to gain, maintain, or just have a voice in the culture.

This is MAINLY because the culture is moving faster than those disenfranchised groups operate. We are some 30 years behind, but progressing at light years pace, so the only answer to me is working twice as hard; learning what we’ve missed, while understanding where we’re going. That is a great idea for a super motivated person like myself, but doesn’t poll well outside my individual caucus; Leaving the only answer being we need a reset, hello COVID.

When I think about the culture, I have selected to remove myself from the conversation. I do so because I am not a direct reflection of how it operates. I think of the world, and attack same at tad harder than average. Even under those standards I have found myself somewhat in agreement. COVID is getting old, I am getting anxious, and most importantly, I am getting bored. I too and lost in thought, trying to understand and properly comprehend what is next. The world is changing, I get that completely, but the struggle is, How do I communicate this translation to a society who hates change worst than Donald Trump?

For some of you, this next piece of info might be a shock, so hold buckle up, and hold on. First off, I am a content creator, I have been one for the last decade. Creating content is a passion I next to my soon to be wife believe will only part me because of death; But even I sit scratching my scalp, thinking MAN. Who just wants to be online the rest of their life? Virtual Reality holistically is the future, and is the best way to operate in same, but somehow we have to work in a taste of physical reality.

So as I prepare to leave you, I do so with this thought. I know at the moment, we are all struggling with what to do with ourselves, and how to effectively build same. I hope and believe, everyone reading this will look not at the inconvenience of the current struggle, but the opportunities its creating. The possibilities are endless. History records continuously of those who have rose to the occasion, capitalizing in a moment of crisis. This moment will be no different.

Until the Next Time, From Me and Mine unto You and Yours -



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Erik DeSean Barrett

Blogger👨🏾‍💻 Vlogger🎥 Podcaster🎙Life Enthusiasts!!! On mission to prove one can do what they believe despite what anyone says.

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