I Believe in America

by Tim Bryce about a month ago in opinion

It is definitely worth fighting for.

I Believe in America

Note: The following is a recent speech I wrote. Please feel free to use it if you are so inclined.

I believe in America, and I have learned it is worth fighting for.

I believe in Americans.

While other countries are homogeneous societies, we are a melting pot of people who want to live the American dream.

From the creativity and hard work of our people, this is the home of craftsmen, scientists, artists, engineers and builders, and the best workers in the world, who simply want the opportunity to succeed, thereby making us competitive and an economic juggernaut.

If you want a piece of the American dream, and are willing to become lawful citizens, and adapt to our society, we welcome you with open arms.

We understand the need for sacrifice to build a better tomorrow.

We thank those people who have protected our freedoms by serving in uniform, people who came from across the country in all walks of life.

We cannot thank our heroes enough.

This is worth fighting for.

I believe in American Exceptionalism.

Yes, I believe we are unique, we are based on liberty, equality, and individual responsibility.

We should be proud to be Americans, not ashamed.

We have a remarkable history. Yes, we have made mistakes along the way; after all we are only human, and certainly not perfect, but we learn from them, and improve ourselves.

We relish our past, but look forward to the future.

We are the people the free world turns to in times of crisis; the people who have lent a helping hand on more than one occasion whether others are engaged in hostilities, natural calamities, and economic hardship. We are there for our friends.

We are the people who stand up against adversity, the heroes of the world.

We are also the explorers, the researchers, the people who pave the way.

We seek, we guide, we explore, we lead.

This too is worth fighting for.

I believe in our country.

The beauty of it from sea to shining sea; the spacious skies, the amber waves of grain, the purple mountain majesties, above the fruited plains.

We are fortunate to have abundant energy, mineral and natural resources; we are the world's breadbasket, thanks to the ambition and resourcefulness of our people.

God has certainly graced us.

This too is worth fighting for.

I believe in our culture.

We are the home of religious freedom and the equality of our citizens.

I love the icons of our country and what they represent; the eagle, the flag, the pledge, the statues, and I'm a sucker for John Philip Sousa; they all inspire me.

I believe in morality; that we should do unto others as others should do unto us.

This is a country where honesty, integrity and teamwork take precedence over greed, selfishness and cheating.

We are mindful of the need to create a level playing field for everyone to compete.

Some will win, some will lose, it is only natural, but everyone deserves a chance.

Those that lose, we should encourage them to get back up, dust themselves off, and try again.

We should love our neighbor and help them in time of distress.

This requires empathy, compassion and a helping hand, but we do not want to create a dependency on government for that is slavery.

This is a nation based on law and order uniformly applied to all of our citizens.

We need law enforcement and first responders to protect, defend, and serve our people.

It is more than than the noble thing to do, it is simply the right thing to do.

This is worth fighting for as well.

I believe in the Constitution,

an incredible document defining who we are, our freedoms, our values, and our beliefs.

For example, it is an expression of the nobility of the human spirit by specifying the rights granted to all of us.

It is used to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."

The Constitution was a noble experiment that has survived well over 200 years and introduced some rather bold ideas, such as three separate but equal branches of government thereby establishing checks and balances.

All school children should read the Constitution, many adults as well.

This is certainly worth fighting for.

Yes, I believe America is great and I love it all.

And, Yes, I have learned it is definitely worth fighting for.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce
Tim Bryce
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