Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a freelance writer and management consultant located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. His blog can be found at: timbryce.com

The Political War of 2018
7 days ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS Into the breach we go. Click for AUDIO VERSION. Back in January, I previewed the midterm elections and predicted this will become a "bloody" political war. Unfortunately, I was right...
Mayhem in the White House?
14 days ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - Fact or fiction? Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Democrats have a dilemma. They are rapidly approaching the 2018 midterm election and have nothing to offer the American voters other t...
Was America Ever Great?
22 days ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - You betcha. Click for AUDIO VERSION​. In defiance of President Trump, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared, "America was never that great," an unfortunate comment which...
Mr. Trump's Economic Playbook
a month ago
Click for AUDIO VERSION. At a recent Trump Rally in Tampa, the president put on a clinic for Republican candidates going into the midterm elections. Basically, he is selling prosperity, or, to paraphr...
It's Mudslinging Season
2 months ago
Click for AUDIO VERSION. Here in Florida, as it is in many other states, it is primary season where political parties select their candidates to run in November. Unlike the general election, I tend to...
Why Are Traditional Democrats Fading Away?
2 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - The more Democrats resist President Trump, the more working people move to the GOP. Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Democrats are on a collision course with disaster. They used to be ...