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Gun control groups are the bad guys.

by Alan B. about a year ago in controversies

The people who want to be left alone vs activists who never go away.

Published 11/17/2020

For more than 25 years I've watched the gun control debate rage and have always felt grateful that on balance the pro-gun side is winning. Gun control advocates are neurotic and relentless, but the pro 2nd Amendment push back has kept them in check. Today there are more gun owners than ever, concealed carry permits are skyrocketing, and the culture at large has survived gaslighting efforts and place the majority of blame at the feet of evil people who abuse guns, not the guns themselves.

But we shouldn't expect control freaks to just accept defeat and walk away.

If they have to resort to dirty tactics, they will without hesitation.

The below text is taken from an anti-freedom organization's wanted ad posted on a popular public employment website.

They lament their defeat through the legitimate legislative process and openly admit to now stooping to subversive tactics. They plan to attack the livelihoods of working people employed by legitimate gun manufacturers with zero regard for the hardship this will cause families who depend on the jobs these dirty and underhanded tactics would destroy.

The arrogance of openly discussing their agenda and how they plan to attack your freedoms and subvert the democratic process should clearly illustrate the very low moral quality of these people. No matter what your beliefs on gun control might be no decent person can in good faith support these tactics.

"About Guns Down America

Formed in 2016, Guns Down America is actively building a future with fewer guns by financially draining the gun industry and its lobby and building political support for policies that will keep us all safe from gun violence."

"Guns Down America believes that for far too long gun manufacturers and the gun lobby have perverted the right of gun ownership into an entitlement devoid of responsibility, creating a society where guns are easier to buy than alcohol and, consequently, putting us all at risk.

With the federal government unable and unwilling to enact tougher gun laws, GDA is activating influential voices outside of the legislative arena to help jumpstart the cultural and political change necessary to raise the standard of gun ownership in the United States."

Groups like "GDA" are openly declaring war on the gun industry and anyone who supports them or chooses not to attack legal businesses for twisted political reasons. They've declared war on you and are very much the bad actors in this equation. Americans have never responded to subversive political extremism, and we should all openly reject it in this case as well.

Just in case you suspect I'm being hyperbolic when calling this illegitimate and subversive, more than a decade ago the federal government created a new law specifically to prevent this exact tactic from being used.

What these anti-freedom extremists plan to do is literally against the law.


In my original comments I didn't address the claim made by GDA that guns are "easier to buy than alcohol" And a few of you have asked why. It's such an absurd thing to claim I never felt the need to respond, but to clear up the record guns are far harder to buy than alcohol and connected to far fewer deaths. There are no federal forms to fill out, waiting periods, or background checks involved when buying alcohol. It's just another sad example of how easy it is for gun control manipulators to lie to us.


Alan B.

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Alan B.
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