Guide to American Political Parties

Don't know anything about how our country works? Let me give you a brief guide to American political parties.

Guide to American Political Parties

Politics. It’s what makes America… America. Even if you're not crazy about politics, or perhaps hate the topic, you hear it almost everywhere you go. It’s one of the main conversation topics that almost always end up becoming an argument, because everyone has a different view on how the country should be. But not everyone is right and not everyone is wrong — that is where politics come in.

You see, people have different views on how a country should be run. Some want the citizens of America to be the ones deciding on solutions, coming up with ways to help all Americans become equal, and even choose who gets to run the country. Yet, there are also people who have full faith in the government and believe in traditional rules and regulations. There's a fine line between the two, and that's where American political parties come into play.

Ever wonder why are there two parties and not one? Why can't everyone stick to one party? Well, I'm about to crack open the truth about America and give you the guide to American Political Parties. Then you'll know exactly why there's two sides to this country.

Democratic Party

In American political parties, the Democratic Party is all about Liberalism. If you don’t know what Liberalism is, it’s basically being open and considerate to new ideas and opinions that would make the country a somewhat a better place to live in. Believe it or not, the actual term “democracy” comes from Greek meaning “rule by the (simple) people,” which is definitely fitting. A Democracy is a form of government that allows personal rights, independent courts of law, and other privileges to its citizens.

A Democracy includes many basic human rights, such as freedom of speech, opinion, religious liberty, voting rights, and other benefits in attempt to make everyone more equal.

A great example for this would be marriage equality. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled legalizing same-sex marriage. Through the dedication and power of the people, they were able to make same-sex marriage legal in the U.S. During the eight years Barack Obama was the President of the United States, the executive branch of the country was Democrat — giving Americans the opportunity to speak their mind and suggest rights, like marriage equality.

Republican Party

As for the Republican Party, one of the American political parties, it is pretty much the complete opposite of the Democrats. Their beliefs revolve around the idea that every citizen is responsible for their own place, position, and situation within society. The government’s role is to allow the people to secure their benefits and earnings, and keep it mostly to themselves and their loved ones. In addition, the government should only act when society cannot function at the level of the individual. Basically, the Republicans believe that the government should put more focus on the state and community level.

Their view of same-sex marriage isn't like Democrats view — at all. Since their views and beliefs are totally traditional, they bring it way back to the Founding Fathers and how they would likely approach the subject. They believed that raising a family should only include a male and female, rather than a male and male or female and female, etc. In their view, same-sex marriages are completely unlawful and disrupt the sanctity of heterosexual marriages.

Another great example to see the difference within American political parties is Republicans' beliefs on abortions. Just like their same-sex marriage views, Republicans don't believe in abortions — no matter what. From their perspective, once a woman is pregnant, and no matter how many days the baby is, even if the child is two days old in the womb, Republicans believe that that child has a right to life and should not be disturbed in any way. An unborn baby at five days old will always be considered a human being and aborting that baby would make the mother a murderer.

Libertarian Party

The majority of people know the two most powerful American political parties — but a lot of them don't know anything about the Libertarian Party. This party is definitely a unique one, since their views revolve around individual freedoms and limiting the government at every level.

Party chairman, Nicholas Sarwark, told The Hill what makes the Libertarian Party: “We are the only political party that stands for your right to pursue happiness in any way you choose as long as you don’t hurt anyone else and as long as you don’t take their stuff.”

That being said, as for one of the American political parties, Libertarians only focus on themselves, their rights, and everything else that is strictly for the individual. They believe that they have the right to do anything as long as they don'y harm others in along the way. With these beliefs come drug legalization, free trade, no gun control laws, freedom of religion, and a women's right to choose.

When it comes to abortion, a Libertarian views it similar to a Democrat. Any woman can get an abortion whenever they want, and almost however they want. Since they aren't harming anyone, they have the right to do so. However, Libertarians believe that if citizens of the U.S. don't believe in abortions, the taxes that they pay shouldn't go towards abortion clinics.

Reform Party

One of the American political parties is the Reform Party. Just like the Libertarian Party, many people don't know the beliefs and perspectives of the Reform Party. This party focuses on fighting for honesty, leadership, and real solutions. The Reform Party also represents 60 percent of moderate voters who were ignored by the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Reform Party stands for the peoples right to have a government that is transparent and truthful. They're basically fighting for the American middle class by supporting basic economic policies which would help bring back jobs to the U.S.

In order to attempt and match the Democrats and Republicans in votes, the Reform Party focuses on building a political infrastructure, where donations and offices are held without surrendering to the special interests and self-serving behavior that has the entire American government in its grasp.

Independent Parties

If a citizen of the U.S. isn't affiliated with any of the American political parties, they're likely with an Independent Party. These people aren't part of any particular party — especially not part of the Democrats or Republicans.

They're not obligated to follow any of the same rules most American political parties have, and they follow their own rules and listen to only themselves.

Jacqueline Hanikeh
Jacqueline Hanikeh
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