Gove You Have No Clue!

What is going on with the Conservatives? No matter how you put it they are still targeting people who are more capable to do things.

Gove You Have No Clue!

I rarely nowadays get my ideas from my Twitter feed but this week I've got 3 for you; but today I'm taking you through the whole Gove and education thing, which is pretty confusing I do have to say. I'm pretty sure I'm confused as well. So I'll try to explain what I think he might be talking about. I did try to find the article but couldn't find it; however, I do have a snippet of a tweet from Mirror Politics, which is all that matters to me in this blog.

When you're popular, it doesn't matter as long as you stay true to yourself; it's who you are that matters to me, if you believe in yourself then I salute you. I think you can do anything that you put your mind to; ignore the ignorance of Gove, the Conservatives, and many others. They have no clue how to work hard to get where they are; so this is my view on this statement, which has been said on national tv on Andrew Marr's Show:

“If you don't benefit from uni education you shouldn't pay for those who do,” says Gove on tuition fees. - Daily Mirror Politics.

He has a slight point but what he's saying isn't entirely what he means; he actually means that if you're not clever enough, don't bother trying to go to uni because you're never going to be rich or clever enough to achieve what you want to do with your life. That's what he's actually saying. I can tell you right now that you can go to uni whether you are academic or practical; there are courses for everyone not just for the people who can pay loads of money, I can tell you now you have the option to go or not to go regardless. You can go later in life as a mature student.

To support my blog rant.

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I chose not to go because I'd had enough of education at the time but also because I can't sit for hours on end in a seminar room; I'm a practical person. I have days that I wish I could have gone, but I'm doing much better with life outside of uni. There is more than one way around. Also, Gove, May, Cameron, and the rest of Conservatives have no idea how people work, because they are too far up themselves. All they want is power and to be the ones on top along with Corbyn. Don't even get me started on him.

Gove knows what his party is doing; if he doesn't then he is the dumbest MP you could ever ask for, along with his pal Hunt. They are like a comedy act that doesn't even know what they are doing; they should join with Johnson and become a trio, just quit and become comedians, as they are well and truly a laughing stock.

Ignore when people say that you can't do things; challenge yourself, you can do things if you put your mind to it. Just believe in yourself; I believe in you, I'm always in the same boat as you. I have days where I feel like I'm not good enough but guess what, I have days when I kick butt. I know that I'm winning by knocking over every rugby player that I can to win that point, and then kicking it over the rugby goal to get more points.

Politicians don't even know what they are talking about a lot of the time. I can promise you that right now.

How does it work?
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