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Free Immigrant Kids and Families
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My daughter's first rally was in support of our city last year and she protested for peace and against hatred for all. She had just found out about children and families being kept in Immigration Camps. She insisted on going to the rally at our City Hall. At first I was hesitant to take her because I worried that it would get too rowdy. Knowing that it was going to take part at City Hall and be attended by our mayor I felt that it would be a good first time experience for her. You see she's nine and she's very interested in the world and politics. She watches the news and loves history. She's reading children's books about children enduring difficult situations during Word War II and about Germany and Nazi's. Most of the stories talk about losing books or language and are age appropriate. Recently at school she wrote her own report about World War II while other kids in her class wrote about how to take care of your pets. Her curiosity keeps her busy writing stories. She's taken a bit after her dad who also loves history. It's very interesting to see.

We moved this past summer back to my hometown after being gone for 20 years and she was watching the news and had heard about another rally. She begged for me to take her and I had said that we would see if there was time to go because it was in a city next to ours and we were busy moving. It was the afternoon and she reminded me about the rally. We happen to be driving past a large group of people with signs and once again she begged me. "Mom please let's stop so that I can take park". I agreed and we stopped at the next street and pulled over. She ran to join the crowd of children and parents alike and she immediently made her own sign and held it up proudly. She knows that it's important to speak up for the immigrant children and families that may not be able to speak up for themselves. I truly think that she sees that what our president is doing is not right.

She speaks her mind and that's great. She's a Girl Scout after all and she's able to speak her mind and express her concerns. She is in Spanish Immersion and when Trump became President she saw first hand how her classmates cried about not being able to see ralatives in Mexico. She worried for them and their families. She worried about the wall being build and families being separated. She saw first hand how some kids were in protest and others for the president. When she had to choose she picked to stand with those that did not denounce someone because of their culture or religion. She's nine and she shouldn't have to worry about these things. At nine I was playing with dolls and didn't think about politics or worry about much. It's defiantly a whole new world we live in.

I worry about the future and what it will entail for our children. But I have hope that future generations will be the ones to save the world and lead us into a better future. I'm confident that they will choose right from wrong. What's important now is to educated our youth about what's going on and allow them to see the truth. I used to think that I had to hide things from my kids. But now I'm confident that I don't. I learned early on when my daughter was little and wanted to watch BBC news. I would say it's too scary but she persisted and one day she turned on the tv and saw a piece on Germany and Nazi's. Luckily I came in soon after it began and we watched it together. It was sparked her interest and I think she was very curious and asked a lot of questions. She definetly knew that she wants to make sure it never happened again. Now she's educates her friends and school mates. I'm very proud of her. She met the mayor and wanted to learn about politics. She was invited to the swearing in the mayor. She's definetly going to do something amazing someday. That is what this picture reminds me of and always will. My confident and smart daughter who will go on to change the world.

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