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Fake President Trump

by Tomas Alejandro 5 years ago in opinion / president / trump / white house / politicians
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King of the Ad Hominem

by an Observant True American

Fake President Trump, with his little hands, little brains and his small fragile ego, has been trying on the role of leader of the free world. It has been clear from the start that he has done more to damage our world standing as a nation. As this world’s only true superpower we have historically taken the lead on raising standards throughout the world despite our internal inconsistencies. There is nothing super about Fake President Trump’s sleight of hand.

Fake President Trump could not win the majority popular vote but won through the Electoral College. The aura of President Obama’s historic accomplishments will hang over his presidency like as his bell jar of politics. President Obama twice won the Electoral College and the popular vote. Obama shall always be head and shoulders above the Fake President Trump.

Fake President Trump continues with his impulsive tweets. He is short on brains and large on the "Art of the Bluff." Only a child with a thin skin learning how to respond to contrary points of view continues in the manner of our Fake President Trump. He hints of audiotapes regarding Comey. These lies are now admittedly a backfired bluff. Why do we tolerate this type of behavior? What he may do will only get progressively worse.

Fake President Trump is the king of the Ad Hominem. He attacks the speaker without addressing the issues. He denigrates speakers while offering no answers to the issues espoused by the speaker. We have allowed his labels to stick: Crooked Hillary, Bernie the Socialist, Lying Ted Cruz, Crying Chuck Shumer now it's Leaker Comey, crazy bleeding Mika and Psycho Joe. The bully labels, the debater argues the point. Can he take the labels once applied to him? Call him what he truly is ; Fake President Trump. The Oval Office is occupied by a fraud and he has a name: Fake President Trump.

Who will call out our Fake President Trump? Who will tell him to stop? He acts with impunity without care of rebuke from anyone. Will the evangelicals do it? They are the true hypocrites. They believe in the sanctity of marriage yet accepts the misogynist adulterer. Forty percent of America clings to anything that's anti Obama. They want change for change's sake rather than change because there may be a need for something better. Ending the Affordable Care Act rather than creating a better alternative is irresponsible.

Fake President Trump orders his sycophantic cabinet members to dole out his accolades. They have demonstrated no the spine or character to speak truth, i.e., the emperor has no clothes.

Fake President Trump bullied his way in Europe for a photo op. He struts with glass-like jutted jaw attempting a "strong" appearance. He is the true paper tiger.

Fake President Trump is beneath dignity, he lacks the temperament, he speaks in short phrases and creates nonsensical words such as bigly and covfefe. Nobody really cares. No one really thinks it's a big deal. No one really wants to do anything but let things move along. Let's pass the "right" agenda. Let the masses be damned.

Fake President Trump lies like the proverbial rug. Did President Obama order the alleged wire taps? Will Fake President Trump reveal his tax returns as promised? Was that the largest inauguration crowd? Were there three to five million illegal votes cast in this election? Was there a terror attack in Sweden? Are we the highest taxed nation?

Fake President Trump claims the news is fake, the media is fake and the numbers and stats generated on every issue are fake. The only true fake is you Mr. Trump, you.

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