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Disrespecting the Rule of Law

by Paula C. Henderson 2 years ago in opinion
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Our government leaders lawlessness

Disrespecting the Rule of Law
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I try to remain mindful that someone with a different opinion then mine believes as strongly in their opinion as I do my own. This is why, of course, we usually have to agree to disagree with many people, right?

I have heard this argument used with the people in power such as the republicans who have been out spoken as to the results of the election and those that voted against certifying the election results.

Here is my take on that: Those still objecting to the results of the election may very well think something is not right. In fact, many have said their reasons for disagreeing with the outcome of the election is that they disagree with the changes made in the ways people were allowed to vote due to the pandemic; primarily by mail.

The question to them is why are they not protesting the states results for the states that only vote by mail, all the states that used vote by mail, all of the states who changed voting rules during this election due to the pandemic? They are not. They have focused on just two or three very specific locations. If you are against it in one place would you not be against it in all?

The other reason they state they oppose the outcome of the election is that they believe there was some fraud. Even though they agree it would not be enough to change the outcome of the election.

There have been at least 60 court rulings where they were ask to show their evidence and none was shown. The courts then ruled. The Supreme Court even ruled. States have obliged them with recounts and audits. People from their own party overseeing the audits and recounts and making the decisions in the courts.

Every electorate from every state sent in their ballots to the Electoral College to be counted in the House.

After all of this there are a handful of republicans still saying the election should be overturned. After all of this 147 of them voted against certifying the election.

Back to the original point: They may sincerely believe that changing the voting rules, albeit due to a pandemic, was wrong. They may sincerely believe there were some incidents of fraud. Their opinion is not the problem and it is certainly not against the law.

The problem is that they took an oath to uphold the law, our way of government and our Constitution.

This is where they went wrong. The audits have been done. The courts have ruled. The recounts have been done. The electorates have cast their ballots. And more importantly each state and even many courts of law decided the ways that people voted in each state was legal and valid in their state. Every court and judge that was asked also ruled the voting methods were legal and valid.

And yet they are not respecting that rule of law.

This country is made up of rules and law. This country is a country of law and order. They took an oath to uphold that and this is what they are guilty of not doing in spite of their own personal feelings.

Perhaps one can argue that they have the legal right to object to the electoral votes. I would argue, that after all of the evidence they have the duty and responsibility to respect the courts decisions (upholding it). They have the duty and responsibility to respect the states audits and recounts because that is the framework of our government and Constitution (defending and upholding our government).

I believe that as leaders of their communities, and for the President, the leader of the country, they have a moral responsibility to NOT incite any kind of violence. Ignorance is not an excuse.

They have a moral responsibility to not lie when they know they have moved passed their opinion and it is a blatant lie.

They should also be leaders and examples in respecting our rule of law. This is where they have failed the most. Sure, maybe, maybe they didn’t agree with some of the voting changes made due to the pandemic and maybe, maybe, they really think there was a bit of voting fraud but once the courts ruled, the recounts and audits were done they should have been examples of respecting that rule of law that is in place. They did not.

They have knowingly disrespected the vote of the people. They have knowingly disrespected the recounts, and the audits. They knowingly have disrespected the rule of law of our land.

Sadly, now they are disrespecting the rules of the Capitol building refusing to walk through a metal detector placed there for good reason and most likely temporarily. They reportedly pushed and yelled obscenities at the very Capitol police officers who risk their lives to save theirs just a week before.

Then we see where they cannot even rummage up the decency to be considerate to their fellow human beings by wearing a mask. Maybe you don’t think the threat of getting sick is real. It isn’t about that. It is about showing consideration for another.

These are not good leaders. These are not good examples. These are not the kind of people who should be leaders and they certainly are not the kind of people that should hold any seat of power.


About the author

Paula C. Henderson

Paula is a freelance writer, healthy food advocate, mom and cookbook author.

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