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Devising a plan against division

by Jeff McCarty 2 years ago in new world order

Thoughts from the Coalition

As the HCRC, we believe that numerous problems are currently facing the global human civilization. Many of these problems have been constructed by a complex web of actions, circumstances, and situations that have played out on a global scale. With problems that have been created on a global scale, it is no surprise that these problems come with global consequences. Due to the catastrophic size of these consequences for the human species and all forms of life on Planet Earth, finding and implementing sustainable solutions is paramount. These are the type of solutions that we need as a species to create a better global human civilization that is built for longevity.

In regards to some of these global problems, the solutions that are required to solve the problems would constitute monumental changes in how we operate our civilization as a species. When analyzing what factors are critical in establishing this type of monumental change, at least three can be identified. The first of these is the development of solutions that will potentially solve these global problems. To overcome any problem that we face as a species, we must understand that we have to dedicate our time, energy, and mind power towards creating solutions that will solve the problems that are threatening the livelihood of our species. The next is the conversion of potential solutions into applicable changes within the systems of our civilization. For actual change to take place within the global human civilization, we must take ideas and turn them into actions. Lastly, we must understand that with somewhere between 7-8 billion members of the human species roaming and inhabiting Planet Earth, some human beings hold more crucial decision-making power than others to enact these actionable solutions into the systems of the global human civilization. It is common within many species to have hierarchical systems that have a leader at the top making the decisions for the group as a whole. As the human species, we must have leaders who are making the necessary decisions that have to be made in a manner that is guided by a mindset that has the best interest of the global human civilization and every member of the human species kept in mind. When you examine these factors playing out in their corresponding fields, you come to find at least one common obstacle that lies in the path towards building a better global human civilization. A division between different groups of human beings.

The Division Mentality

We define division as a perspective of seeing other human beings as different from oneself. The modern-day human being can consider another human being different from oneself based on a wide-ranging spectrum of variables. These variables can be based on a characteristic like race, gender, or sexual orientation to a difference in political or religious ideologies, and anything else in-between. This perspective of seeing differences in the characteristics of other human beings has created a frame of mind that some humans live by, we call this the division mentality. This division mentality is created by the act of picking a characteristic and establishing a dividing line based upon it. In a stroke of unfortunate fate, we are at a time when the human species has more problems than ever, and more things to consider themselves different than others by.

As humans, we tend to categorize and label everything that is perceivable in the universe, especially the differences that are held between humans. The culture of our global human civilization is evolving in a direction that is becoming more accepting of differences in characteristics between fellow humans. With this positive progression in the global human culture, there are many more characteristics that we can now openly classify ourselves by, which enhances every human being’s ability to live a life that they identify with. The obstacle that we must overcome with this surplus of different characteristics, is this allows humans who live in a division mentality many more opportunities to lay dividing lines between themselves and others. No matter where someone may draw a dividing line, a species that is divided is less effective and efficient in solving the problems that face the species.

Despite geographical whereabouts, genetic makeup, or any other factor as long as you are a human on this planet, the global problems that face the human species affect you. These problems affect us all as members of the human species, and whether we consciously or unconsciously contributed to the creation of these global problems, being a member of the human species entails that we all must actively participate in the solving of these global problems. Removing these dividing lines is pertinent to rebuilding a human culture that has the characteristics necessary to solve the global problems facing the human species, which will allow us to build a better global human civilization. These characteristics go by different labels such as cooperation or synergy just to name a couple. For this discussion, we will utilize the terminology, synergy. Synergy is gravely important because building a global human civilization that values synergy among all humans, will help foster a human species that can accomplish more together. Fueled by global synergy the human species can rise to new levels of creativity in all fields of industry allowing humans to push past the current boundaries that we know at this point. This is a recipe for innovation, and innovation is exactly what we need to solve these global problems.

As the HCRC, we do not believe we have all the answers to instantaneously create the necessary innovations to solve all of the global problems that the human species faces. What we do believe though, is that removing the division between humans by exposing our commonalities as members of the human species is a key element to creating the required synergy for a better global human civilization for all human beings. Join us next Friday, as we begin to unravel the division between human beings and build new bridges of interconnectivity between all human beings.

Until next time, I am Jeff McCarty and I just want to thank you for your time in reading. Looking forward to seeing you next post around. In the meantime, don’t forget to explore our website and to follow the HCRC on social media. Thanks again.

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Jeff McCarty

I create content for a nonprofit organization, called the Human Civilization Reformation Coalition. Our focus is positively progressing humanity. All tips go towards the nonprofit organization, and the further creation of content.

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Jeff McCarty
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