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Dear President Trump, Think About Your Family

Family always comes first Mr. President.

By David LasherPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Dear Mr. Trump,

In the last couple of months since you took over as President of the US, you have diminished more than just your own name, but rather, your entire family’s name too. Melania and you are in the midst of a very complicated and unusual relationship and it is believed by some that you don’t even care for each other (Is Melania really just in it for the money and fame?). Recently, you tried to grab Melania’s hand after leaving the airplane on your Middle East trip & she nudged your hand away and gave you a dirty look. Also, your daughter, Ivanka has been severely scrutinized by the media mostly because of your wrongdoings. As President, you must start to think about your family before you bring them all down. I write this letter to you, Mr. President to challenge you to change your values, integrity, and approach for the country and for your own family.

According to my research, you were quoted saying, “There is no question, it is a big burden on the family,” which is referring to your presidency. You say that Melania has been “terribly abused by the press” and “it’s very unfair”. This is just a sample of what has occurred to your family because of your polarizing figure. While you can’t really stop the paparazzi from attacking your family, you can try to limit the press from talking about your acts. You are on the news all the time. This must be hard for your family to navigate their way around different places without gaining attention from the media.

Your presidential victory was shocking, to say the least, and people all over the world are still in denial. Most of the population believe that you have done a bad job so far and some even want you to get impeached. Families all over the Country want to bring you down. This passes on to your family members as they are attacked as well because they are related to you. You must not let your wrongdoings boil over to your family name.

Think about your family. If you don’t, they will suffer. Family always comes first Mr. President. I am writing to you in hopes that you change your ideals. Let’s start with some simple fixes. Don’t make a travel ban on Muslims. Don’t screw with the Russians. Especially Putin. He scares the crap out of me and I’m sure most of America. In addition, get off of Twitter (you’re not a millennial)! You can’t tweet important information about our government and our nuclear weapons. Also, stop lying! It is ruining your reputation and your families name too. In addition, you should try to form a better relationship with China to prevent a potential world war. Listen to these ideas and your family will benefit along with our entire country.

"Why did Trump cross the road? Because he is a racist." Thanks, Reddit. It is a pretty quirky joke but in reality, people do love to hate you. This ridicule is an example of an online hater calling you a racist. Imagine being the son of a father who is called a racist and a buffoon. Maybe, you can give a speech on all the ways you aren't racist. Maybe that will change the perception of the people. But for now, your family is being affected by your actions. In Judaism, there is a saying, “Love your friend as you love yourself”. This saying directs people how to behave towards others and believe in the good nature of giving a helping hand to all people. You must take this vital message and act upon it. Give up the attitude sir and start behaving nicer to your family and the citizens of America.

Get this presidency turned around! I'm pulling for you, Mr. President!

PS- I don't think you're a racist....

Best Regards,David Lasher

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I am a new writer aspiring to become the next Malcom Gladwell. Intern at Jerrick

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