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Dear Mr. Trump, You've Made America Self-Reflect

by Miranda O'Conner 5 years ago in trump
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In a new era of American politics, Trump is encouraging important growth and change.

Dear Mr. Trump,

It has been an interesting few years in American politics. It is clear that America is going through some tough growth and change, and that has been stressful, but very gratifying to watch. Your rise to power has been fast, and very surprising. While some people are quick to criticize this, I want to note that it is very important. You have been chosen by the American people, at a time when the country is divided. And their choice of you, as President, has taught us all a little more about our neighbors.

  • The people need to redefine what American values are, and you're helping us to form a picture. To some, you are the epitome of the American dream, while others dream of a new vision for the country, and we are moving together toward a new American future.
  • It is clear that Americans care about health care. Your insistence on pushing the issue, and forcing everyone to confront the realities of health care, you've ensured the people are ready and prepared to fight for care for themselves, and their neighbors. Never again do we need to doubt this view.
  • The American role in international politics is changing, and you've made that very clear. While many people continue to believe in America as an unstoppable superpower, we can all now see clearly the vulnerability of the American people. Thank you for helping us all see that international politics need to remain a priority.
  • It is clear that we have entered a whole new era of politics, and the American people are more savvy than ever. Every future election will be informed by what has come this term

There has been a lot said about your failures, President Trump, but we all often forget that the choice of President is an expression of the will of the American people. The country needed the time to debate, to struggle, and to form a new identity, and you, Mr. President, are the expression of that growth. Your bluntness about your views has forced all of us to confront our values, our politics, and our own assumptions, and while some of that has been negative, a lot of good has emerged overall.

Without your rise to power, these are topics that could have stagnated further and persisted in the American consciousness for years. There is a lot of insidious hate and suspicion in the United States, and this Presidency has made these issues very clear and given us all a way to confront them. We now know that Americans value their health care, honesty, and want their politicians to be more accountable. Thank you, President Trump, for taking on this difficult job in a time of great change, and allowing America the time to go through this growth spurt.


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Miranda O'Conner

Body positive blogger, freelance sculpture, self-proclaimed connoisseur of whiskey, and forever in search of a hamburger as delicious as the ones you see in food commercials. Wendy's just doesn’t cut it.

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