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Dear Donald

by Vinny B about a month ago in trump

Thank you for..................

Dear Donald
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Dear Donald,

Thank you for revealing yourself as the dangerous alligator that inhibited the same swamp you promised to drain.

Thank you for exposing the hate that still exists in our country.

Thank you for showing us how insane of an idea that it is to think a woman is too emotional to become the president. While we watched you have emotional breakdowns for four years.

Thank you for further proving that our countries infatuation with law and order comes at the expense of the people of color.

Thank you for showing us how unprepared our government was during a global disaster so we know to prepare ourselves for the next time. At least we know our next president, who has to monitor a virus, won’t say it will just disappear.

Thank you for revealing that Barack Obama being elected president didn’t automatically bring equality to everyone in America.

Thank you for showing the difference in law enforcement’s actions when Black lives matter crowds protested the capital versus the MAGA crowd invasion of the capital.

Thank you for creating a voter turnout like never before. Record numbers of people voted and politicians will now be held accountable like never before.

Thank you for showing black people that they have political power to turn an election like the people in Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia just did in November.

Thank you for showing Latinos that the government thinks of them as animals while they keep in cages at the border.

Thank you for showing some white people that being indifferent toward race can be detrimental to improving race relations as a whole.

Thank you for criticizing the NFL, though for the wrong reasons. Donald, we know you’re still angry they didn’t let you become an owner.

Thank you for exposing our countries corruption at its finest.

Thank you for popularizing the phrase Fake News. I will be using that long after you’re out of office.

Thank you for exposing white supremacy and damaging its future.

Thank you for motivating our neighbor with the pick-up to hang a Trump flag off the back, so we know who to keep an eye on now.

Thank you for exposing all news outlets for their lack of quality content, as they kept reporting what you ate for dinner or if that was really Melania who stood next to you.

Thank you for showing us that golfing doesn’t help us lose weight.

Thank you for showing us that our political leaders haven’t done much work all of these years.

Thank you for showing how “not” to respond to losing.

Thank you for showing us that you don’t have to be the smartest person to become president. You just have to have a great marketing team.

Thank you for the entertainment and comedy. Not everyone will admit but we will all secretly miss the constant twitter rants. It will be a bit weird to have a president who behaves like an adult but we know it’s best for the country.

Thank you for making George Bush’s presidency look like a success. I’ve grown into actually having an appreciation for Bush since you’ve been in office.

Thank you for showing us what happens when you vote a reality TV star into office. Hope our country doesn’t make that mistake again.

Thank you for showing us that no matter what occurs in our country; it’s never the end of the world. We made it through your presidency, so there isn’t much we can’t get through.

Thank you for pardoning Lil Wayne.

Thank you for allowing me to show my two sons the consequence of arrogance and lying will have on one’s life.

Thank you, most of all, for showing how ugly and beautiful our country can be at the same time.


The American People.

P.S. Your fired!

Vinny B
Vinny B
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