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Curtain Call for Legendary QB's

by Vinny B 2 months ago in football

4 Hall Famers last Super Bowl chance

Brady gets one more chance at 43 years old

When Athletes reach their mid 30's media and fans look for any evidence of decline that can signal the end.

The end for athletes can come overnight once they approach the second half of their 30's, especially with an NFL Quarterback. This weekend features quarterbacks that have defied father time, but father time now has a hold to their jerseys.

Saturday is the beginning of the end for 4 of the best quarterbacks that have ever played under center as Phillip Rivers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger gear up for wild card weekend. One the things that these quarterbacks will take with them to retirement is the era of the pocket passer. As the NFL is evolving, its hard to find any young quarterbacks that are successful without the threat of a scramble.

These four quarterbacks mastered the art of maneuvering threw the pocket to avoid the rush. The days of a quarterback not needing to be a running threat are over.

This weekend is that last chance for these Hall of Famers, with the new batch of young QB's taking over the game, these quarterbacks won't be back on this stage again. Its the end of this quarterback era and everyone better enjoy these next few weeks.

Sure Brady and Roethlisberger are expected to continue to play beyond this year but they don't have enough to compete with the young guns.

We look at each quarterback and there chances to host the Lombardi trophy.

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady can never throw another touchdown pass and he will be one of few athletes to say that he gave father time a hard time. Brady is 43 years old and has lit up in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Though Brady has shined with old age, there were several prime time games this season where he showed that his time could be coming to an end. The Bucs have had a solid season but they've struggled against the Saints twice. They may have to face the Saints a third time with a trip to the Super bowl on the line.

2. Drew Brees

Every game this moment forward has the potential to be Drew Brees last game. Brees will be 42 years old this upcoming Friday and it obvious the one time Super Bowl Champion is done. After suffering a punctured lung and 11 fractured/broken ribs, its clear that Brees has no choice but to give it up. Not only is the injury a factor in Brees retiring but his play has been awful, he can no longer throw the football up the field. Brees has the best chance of the 4 quarterbacks to end his career on top as he has a solid defense that can carry him if he can just be average.

3. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben looked great as the Pittsburgh Steelers started their season 11-0. After a late season losing streak many blamed it on defensive injuries. The reality is Roethlisberger's play was a big factor as well, he was inconsistent with his throws and appears to be slowing down with age. If Ben can reconnect with rookie receiver Chase Claypool and muster up some his early season magic, the Steelers can sneak into the Super Bowl but if he continues to play the same as the last few games, the Steelers could be going home early.

4. Phillip Rivers

Phillip Rivers is the only quarterback, of the four, to never win a Super Bowl. Rivers looked terrible last season and many thought he was done. This season Rivers has been solid leading Indianapolis back to the playoffs. The Colts have one of the best defenses in the NFL and if Rivers can look like the Rivers of old in a 3 game stretch, he could end his career on a high note.

Though all four of these quarterbacks of looked shaky throughout the year, it wouldn't surprise if one of these grey haired QB's ends up back in the Super Bowl.

Vinny B
Vinny B
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