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Dear Donald, We Will Stop You

I may not have individual power, but "the collective" is a powerful thing.

By Katie MarchbankPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
"I wonder what would happen if Trump actually did become President. Is that fucked up to think about?"

Yes, past Katie, it was fucked up to think about. You were so damn sure of Hillary's presidency that you didn't even think about the consequences of your thought. Obviously, your thought caused Trump to win the presidency. You failed the nation.

Oh wait, this is a letter to Donald, not myself. I really, really, didn't think you'd win back in November, Donald. Like, I was so terribly sure that we were going to have our first female president. And I was so terribly wrong.

When you were officially declared the winner, my heart broke. Not even so much for myself—but for the people of this nation. For the minority groups I belong to and the ones that I don't. All of us were going to suffer. Women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA people, disabled people, and so many more. I'm an empath, which means I not only feel other people's emotions extremely strongly, but I take them on as well. I could feel the weight of the entire world (yes, world, because many people in other countries were upset) fall upon me and I sobbed. I barely slept.

I had to move on though, as we all did.

Your presidency so far is nothing short of a bomb of stinky poo poo. Reading the news makes me stressed out because I'm not sure if we should prepare for World War 3 or Civil War 2. And a lot of it is because of you. Sure, the leader of North Korea has always been preparing nuclear arms for a while, but he doesn't respect you, which is what scares me most of all. Nobody respects you. Not that they should, of course. You don't respect anyone else. There's no such thing as "respecting your president" when he doesn't respect his citizens—ALL of them. Racial tensions never really died down in this country, hell they were getting worse before you were elected, but you being in office certainly isn't going to help.

I was going to make this article funny, because you're a joke, but it's actually time to get serious about this. If we keep joking around, you're going to keep getting your way.

I shouldn't have been surprised though. That you won, I mean (definitely not surprised you're doing a bad job). I guess living in my white liberal bubble made me think that there were at least ENOUGH self-respecting people to not get you elected. Again, I was so so wrong.

Even my parents voted for you, and they love me. As an immigrant bisexual woman, I thought they would've at LEAST voted third party. They did not. They just hated Hillary with such a fire, such a passion that I will never understand (though I'm pretty sure my dad didn't believe Obama was born in the US, so again I shouldn't be that surprised), that they would rather vote for someone who thinks I am of a lesser status because of my sexuality/gender/immigrant status than vote for a woman who, while not without her problems, would have made a far better president than your sorry ass.

But as I thought more about it, I kind of... get it. You really did appeal to a crowd that felt underrepresented under Obama's presidency. You gave them a voice. A nasty voice, but one nonetheless. They were tired of seeing politicians speak in a way that made it sound kind of like what they wanted but also something they think maybe they didn't want. You were straightforward. Build a wall. Get rid of Muslims. Make America great again. It was simple, powerful, and idealistic. So it worked.

Like I said, I'm an empath. So I even actually feel the emotions of those assholes who voted for you (sorry Mom and Dad) too. I feel bad for them, you know? Yes, they were making a choice that you, a racist, misogynist, sexist, homophobic bigot was better than Hillary, but part of it involved the place and time they grew up in. I felt their need to be wanted, to be heard. Being chased from your position of power is not easy, even if on the inside you know it's the right thing. But you taught them that it wasn't the right thing. That white straight men should be in power. That the fact we were moving toward equality was bad. So they felt validated. That's how you won. It's the same way that hate groups are made. You just happened to decide the presidential role should foster that. And that is unforgivable.

This article probably confuses you Donald. I think it's a bit above a 3rd grade reading level. (Dear 3rd graders: I don't mean to insult you. Also, get off the internet, it's not safe here.)

This article is disjointed because you are disjointed. There are so many things I vehemently hate (sorry Mom, but he deserves this word) about you that I don't even know where to start. Your policies are uninformed, ignorant, and dangerous. Your personality is obnoxious and unfit for someone with such a large role. I genuinely fear for my life and the lives of those I care about. Considering your VP thinks I should have shock therapy because I happen to enjoy the company of women, though, I'm even afraid to have you out of office. You're incompetent, but he isn't. He could get shit done better than you, but I don't want him to get shit done either. So we're stuck with you, probably.

There are so many topics I could cover with you, Donald. But there's almost no point. I don't have the power to stop you myself. But I do have the power to protect others, and that's what I swear I will do. I will vote in all the elections I can to prevent you from doing more stupid shit so it doesn't get through the House or Senate. So I will stop you. We will stop you. The collective love of people from all walks of life is a powerful thing. We love each other, and believe it or not, we love America. America has never been great. I'm not sure if it ever will be, but it won't get there with you drunk driving the ship.


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