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Dear Donald... If You're Going to Start a War, Let's Stay Off of Twitter

Someone please delete this guy's Twitter app.

By Corey GittlemanPublished 7 years ago • 3 min read
This is just plain scary.

Dear Trump,

I am not sure what you think being the president is, but it is not a game so it should not be treated as one. If you are going to treat it as one, then I will not refer to you as Mr. President, or any name for that matter. Your role as president is not the same as your role in The Apprentice, where you can just do and say whatever you feel. This is real life, and there are real consequences to every single thing that you say, and in your case everything that you tweet. With foreign countries respect of the United States lowering daily, the possibilities of war are rising. Whether it is the fact that these countries do not like Trump, or that he offends their countries, cultures, and religions, the name Donald Trump is not very popular in other places (hard to believe in the most sarcastic voice possible).

As of January of this year, just a few months into your presidency, you have tweeted over six hundred times about other countries. This is not a good look for our country and it puts us American citizens in fear. You are giving the United States the reputation that we are a nation of racists, while that might be the case for an extremely small portion of the country, for the majority of America it is not. As Syria uses chemical weapons to attack us, China builds up its military reinforcements, and Russia launched a probe into space, it could not be any more obvious to you that PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE YOU. You stated in your campaign (and even shared your thought on Twitter) that you are against using the United States Military to take action and strike against Syrian President's , Bashar al-Assad, regime. Well with you launching about sixty missiles at the Syrian airbase, it seems that you are not a man of your word. In fact, it seems you are a man of too many words. You need to keep your some of your thoughts to yourself and not gloat about attacking foreign countries.

With talk of more missiles being launched, this time it is not from the United States, but at us instead. North Korea has threatened the United States, well Trump mainly, that because of his remarks after their missile tests that they would launch missiles our way towards New York. These remarks that you make are not even a part of a press conference in which everyone would see, but from something that you posted on Twitter, Donald! Like I said before, everything that you do and say has consequences.

What you said before your presidency:

What were you thinking while tweeting this? Were you:A. Truly against attacking Syria?B. Mainly against Barack Obama's presidency? C. Just trying to make yourself look like a better person so you would get elected as president?D. Both B and C

...Your actions and what you've said during presidency:

My guess is as good as anyone else's, but it looks like choice D for the question above seems to be the answer. How are we supposed to trust you as our president if you cannot even tell the truth about your political views and standpoints?

Less of this PLEASE Donald...

So in conclusion, I hope that this letter to you, Mr. Donald Trump, actually reaches you. I hope that you learn to stay off of Twitter because it angers other countries, and bring upon threats and danger to our beloved country. We do not want war, but it is a possibility so if that time comes it will probably be smart to keep your mouth shut and stay off of Twitter. If not, then to those who do read my input towards your presidency, I hope that you share these thoughts with me and that to attempt to stay safe and out of harms way. Harm that you, Donald, will possibly bring upon your citizens.


A Concerned Citizen of the United States of America

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