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Dear Donald...

A Letter From The American People

By CrunchwrapsuprmPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Dear Donald,

Most of us had high hopes when you were elected. We expected you to "drain the swamp" and Make America Great Again, but instead of making your campaign promises come true you have created a political circus. From the very start you have been surrounded with controversy; every day there is a new scandal or a new problem with your administration. You promised to reunite the Republican party but instead you have only divided it even further. You can't even get Paul Ryan, the most spineless of all Republicans, to control a Republican congress for you. Maybe all of this is because you have never held office? You claimed that your experience as a businessman would be more than sufficient when it came to running the country, but for a businessman hardly anything you do seems to be economically smart. You spend most of your time at your own resort in Florida instead of the White House, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars. Then there is this most recent scandal with Russia that has led the media to compare you to the likes of Richard Nixon.

It is time to change, Donald. It is time for you to start being the president America needs you to be. I hate to break it to you, but your approval ratings are at an all time low, but do not worry, there are many things you can do to start improving and get those approval ratings up. First of all– STOP TWEETING. There is arguably nothing more unprofessional than going after your political opposition on social media. Also, maybe take some speech classes so you don't keep saying the same things over and over again. The American people are tired of hearing about "fake news" and the political "witch hunts" against you. In addition, I highly recommend that you stop trying to be like JFK when it comes to playing favorites with your friends and family. Nobody wants to see Ivanka or her husband working in the White House, and nobody wants an education secretary that knows nothing about dealing with students loans! The only reason why that worked with JFK was because people actually liked the Kennedy family. Stop playing victim, and take responsibility for your actions.

Donald, you are the president of the United States of America; would it really hurt that much to appoint someone who is actually qualified for once? Maybe if you started doing these things, the entire country would start hating you just a little bit less. Assuming that you somehow survive this increasingly nasty Russia situation, you have more than 3 years to turn this thing around. If you use every upcoming day to better yourself and your administration it would be the comeback story of the century. You could go down as one of the most "kind of alright" presidents of all time, but if you continue this Trump circus we have now, expect to go down as the most hated political leader of all time.

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