Climate Change and a New Conspiracy Theory

by Peter Rose 11 months ago in corruption

The Political Outcome of Accepting That Climate Change Can Be Reversed

Climate Change and a New Conspiracy Theory

What facts are indisputable, if not widely known, about climate change?

Climate change has been happening since planet Earth was first formed. Geologists, historians and archaeologists, can show that at various times, areas that are now deserts were under the sea. They know that at times in history, ice has covered far more of the land mass than is covered now. They know that at other periods the ice receded further than it is now.

Climate change will continue and some areas will benefit and others suffer. If we enter a period where the overall average temperature is increased substantially, what are now low lying land areas will become submerged. The increase in temperature will mean some lands that are now marginal as far as agriculture is concerned, will become more temperate and more able to support crop growing and animal farming.

Politics is about control. It is about the use of one political ideology, to govern and control all of the people, even those not agreeing with that ideology. Climate change has become a very useful tool to enable the imposition of one political ideology by stealth.

What is disputable are the actions to cope with climate change. There is a group who propose drastic control of all human activity, they claim this is necessary to stop climate change. The real aim is the subjugation of most people, so they have to obey the demands of a self appointed elite; all done in the name of saving the planet. It is simply a power grab. When they control the lives of the vast majority and still the climate carries on changing, they will usurp even more power, adopt even more draconian control mechanisms. They will enslave 90 percent of the population, claiming they do so to save these people. Once control is fully established they will ensure they live in areas that benefit from changes while the vast majority suffer with what is left. At some point, may be a couple of hundred years in the future, they will announce that to save the people, half must be eliminated. The other half will be their slaves and servants.

There is a lesser parallel in the setting up of the European Union—first a common market to benefit all the people of Europe, then a political union to prevent wars between nation states; all done to save the people. The trick was to get all the democracies of Europe, most of them developed over hundreds of years, to give up their democracies and allow rule by an “appointed” elite, all for the good of the people. They did this by moving slowly and always promoting the absence of war, the good of the people. Start off with economic union, which in itself is a commendable ideal, but then introduce bureaucratic control over every economic factor, setting up barriers against non-members and ensuring conformity to all those within the group. A superficial facade of democracy was established by having European-wide elections to a body called a parliament but one with no power to eject or even control the bureaucracy. Once economic control was achieved and the power of individual democracies eroded, they moved towards, ever closer union. Not something the people had voted for and not something the people had any say in, or control over. At first this was ever close cooperation and sold as being better for the people; as being needed to prevent war. The end game is a single nation state of Europe which is not, other than in name, at all democratic. It is an elite controlled body and operated to the benefit of that elite.

Take a close look at all the health guidelines the emanate from governmental bureaucracies. Consider why and how these appear to be globally coordinated. One hand is claiming they wish to prolong the healthy life of the individual, by control of their individual life style. The other hand is demanding greater taxation to provide better health care and cope with the extended life expectancy. Odd that if the health advice is necessary to make the population live longer, why are they already living longer than at any period in history and this is a problem to the nations governance. The aim is control over the lifestyle of the majority. The tool is better health care. This is similar to the aim of controlling the of the majority of the people of Europe only this time the tool is prevention of war.

Global control uses same tactics, but with climate change as its operating lever. If it was a genuine concern over the future then all the attention would be on establishing factual information about, how much is part of the natural cycle and how much is due to such things as solar activity on the surface of our sun, how much due to forest fires, volcanic eruptions, changes to the deep ocean sea beds and how much to human activity and how much to wild animal activity. These are the quantities we need to see with verifiable evidence. Saying climate change is happening and the fact that is happening is proof it is human activity and so can be stopped; is simply not a valid or even reasonable, argument. It is a ploy to achieve an undisclosed objective.

How does it work?
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