Civil Hypocrisy

by Edward Anderson 2 years ago in opinion

The Republicans call for civility is disingenuous and hypocritical!

Civil Hypocrisy

Confession: I’m supposed to be out promoting my new LGBT themed romance, Shape of Love. Instead, I’m caught in a tightening vase of anger because of Republicans. Not all of them, there are some Conservatives who I respect and often talk to in the hopes of understanding their positions. The Republicans I’m talking about are the Trump-bots that will parrot whatever lie the Orange one yells or Tweets. The leaders of the party that is supposed to be for families and the working class, ha! Those leaders released a new ad suggesting that all liberals are unhinged, but clearly, they haven’t taken a look at their own party.

We’ll start at the top, the leader of the party. Mr. Illegitimate president himself. Every single day he calls someone a name or tries to degrade them in some fashion. Recently the target of his ire has been Jimmy Fallon because the late night talk show host has said he wishes the interview with then-candidate Trump had been handled differently. So the toddler in the White House has called him every name he can think of and suggested that Fallon “Man Up.” Trump loses credibility (did he have any, to begin with?) when you consider the fact that he bemoaned a department store that dropped his daughter’s awful line of clothing and the fact that Samantha Bee wasn’t fired for calling his daughter a “feckless C—-.” She is devoid of character but let’s not forget that he said nothing about Roseanne’s racist tweet that ended the #1 show on TV. Or the fact that he called The Red Hen a dirty restaurant (those who own filthy eateries shouldn’t throw cockroaches, Donny) because they kicked his Liar Secretary out of the establishment for morals reasons. Which they had cheered when it was about gay people.

Speaking of his hapless, spineless minion who handles the press, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is no better. She went on Twitter to allegedly call for civility but yet she has shown none herself. At every turn, this woman has shown nothing but open hostility towards the very people who help her have a job. Most of this boils down to the fact that most journalists are reporting facts that are contrary to what her boss wants out there. She gets no sympathy from me, nor should she get it from you. If someone truly wanted civility, then they would try to be nicer and show some respect, but that’s too much for Republicans nowadays.

They don’t even show respect for one another. Trump has said that Senator John McCain is only considered a war hero because he was captured and he “likes people who weren’t caught.” That’s a big FU to every veteran that had ever served our country. Another Trump minion, Kelly Saddler, took that up a step when she said the longtime Senator’s opinion didn’t matter because “he’ll be dead soon.” Yeah, let’s talk about civility because you think that’ll play well for the mid-term elections, Republicans? It won’t. We remember, and we will serve everything you have done and said over the last few years the way you’re trying to right now.

So far there hasn’t even been any mention of this administration separating families and PUTTING CHILDREN IN CAGES! There is now, how is that civil? Not one Republican leader spoke out against it until it became an issue that they might have to deal with in the elections. But yeah, they want civility. Please, these people wouldn’t know civility if it came up and bit them on the derrière. Look at the leading voices of the party to see how far they have fallen.

Alex Jones, who infamously runs the conspiracy nutjob website InfoWars, suggested that the horrific shooting at Parkland High School was staged. If that sounds familiar, it’s because he had a similar narrative for the victims of the Sandyhook Massacre. Jones isn’t the only one who has spotted illogical and hateful propaganda about the tragedy. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham has indulged in a feud with survivor David Hogg. She is fighting with a high school student, and there has not been one peep from fellow conservatives about how inappropriate that is. The Rupert Murdoch owned network stands behind this behavior, which is no surprise since they also stood behind Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly as they sexually harassed and assaulted more women than can be counted.

Need more proof of incivility from Republicans? Tucker Carlson said that Americans should not believe any other media source except for Fox News. That’s how propaganda begins, not that it ’s surprise from this organization. It’s one thing to promote your show or network or business; it’s something that has to be done but to try and make the other news sources out to be fake or full of lies is not only uncivil, it’s downright scary. Another conservative whackjob, Milo Yiannopoulos sent this text message to Observer, “I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.” At one time that would have been a crime and he would have been investigated. But with spineless, moralless Republicans in charge, the only crime is resisting and disagreeing with their fascist ideology.

Mitch McConnell told President Barack Obama in the waning days of his Presidency that he would block and obstruct any Supreme Court nominee that he put forward. He followed that up by publicly crowing, "One of my proudest moments was when I told Obama, 'You will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy,'" but then cried when Democrats wouldn’t vote the way he wanted them to on Gorsuch and even changed the rules to force the man into the Supreme Court. Very civil, right.

Liberals aren’t innocent when it comes to making comments that can be considered less than friendly. Kathy Griffin held a plastic effigy of Donald Trump smeared in ketchup. The difference is that she lost her career for more than a year. Prominent Democrats derided her and let her know that it wasn’t ok. The aforementioned Samantha Bee comment had people up in arms and sponsors held back advertising, and she was called by several leaders who said her language crossed the line. Notice the difference here; Liberals are not afraid to call out those that do wrong. Republicans don’t care unless you are rich and white. Or it happens to be an election year and they need a narrative to win votes.

This new cry for civility is too little too late. Sure it’ll whip up the base that they already have and would vote for the Devil himself if he had an R next to his name. But for the Democrats and Independents, this needs to be a call not for civility but a call to out the hypocrisy of the Party of Trump.

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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