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Buddhist Extremism and Military Junta.

Myanmar Formerly Burma.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Buddhist Temple.

Myanmar formerly Burma was once part of the British Empire. It was the scene of fighting during WW II between Allied forces and Japanese forces. Japan captured the British territory of Burma. The Japanese Imperial Forces held onto Burma for a number of years while British forces fell back to India. British, Indian, American, and others had to learn to fight and be stealthy like their Japanese foes. Meanwhile, Japanese forces invaded India near the town of Imphal. However, after much fighting the Japanese were pushed back. An Allied counter-offensive was launched equal to the ferocious Imperial Japanese forces. Eventually, Allied forces took back Rangoon (Burmese/Myanmarian capital) while the Japanese fled. A bit of history for you, feel free to correct me!

Burma is now known as Myanmar. A military junta has been ruling for 3 years supported by Buddhist monks. Yes, you heard that right, Buddhist monks. Even Buddhism usually known as a religion of peace, has its extremists. Buddhist Nationalism in Myanmar was responsible for the expulsion of Muslims called 'The Rohingya' who were pushed into Bangladesh by the Myanmar military egged on by Buddhist extremists. The Myanmar military acted because of militant acts by Muslims so the Junta said. Pushing them into the Muslim country of Bangladesh. Bangladesh struggled to cope with all the incomers running from the actions of the Myamarian military.

Sounds similar to the actions of the IDF now in Gaza with regard to Hamas. There had been tensions between Muslims and Buddhists for years. The Myanmar military ethically cleansed the Rohingya Muslims out of Myanmar and into Bangladesh.

The military rulers of Myanmar are backed by China for weapons and for moral support. Many Myanmarians have fled to the bush, however, to launch resistance against the fascist-like dictatorship in Rangoon. They have linked up with the Karen Resistance who have been fighting the government in Rangoon for years. The Karen people are fighting for a homeland of their own. The Karen people are Christians, Buddhists, and Animists. Buddhists and Christians in Myanmar have flocked to join forces with the Karens, in their goal, of defeating and resisting the extremes of Buddhism and the military oppressive government.

In a recent statement, rebel forces have claimed they have captured a military base by the Thai border. If true, it would be a major blow to the Myanmar military. Fighting between the Myanmar military and rebel forces including the Karen National Union plus Christina and Buddhist rebels has happened on the Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Chinese borders.

Thailand has concerns about Myanmar's military actions at its border. This has led to tensions between Thailand and Myanmar. If rebels have fled into Thailand then Myanmarian armed forces may feel like pursuing the rebels. However, this would be seen as an invasion by Thailand. Thus that could initiate clashes between the Thai and Myanmar militaries.

Buddhism is the majority religion in Myanmar. Of course, not all Buddhists are in line with the government. However, Myanmarian Nationalism goes hand in hand with Buddhist extremism. Just as Jewish extremism in Israel goes hand in hand with extreme nationalism. Or Islamic extremism can go hand in hand with the nationalism say of Saudi Arabia or Iran. In these regimes, their constitutions may say they tolerate other beliefs, however, the reality on the ground is often different.

A faith often goes hand in hand with a nationality. For many, there is no division between politics and religion. The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran saw no difference between Iranian nationalism and politics. Netanyahu uses Jewish nationalism and extreme Judaism for his ends. Some political movements like Nazism and Communism were and are like religious movements treating their leaders like gods.

Even in Christianity nationalism and faith have played a part like Serb nationalism in the 90s and now again.

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