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Blacks Can't Be Racist

It's About Power, Not Hate... And We Don't Have Enough of Either

By Dre JosephPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Allow me, if you will, to set the fucking record straight.

Black people cannot be racist—I repeat—cannot be racist when it comes to white people. We're bigoted and prejudiced as SHIT!!!!!!! But nah, we're not racist. Black people are disadvantaged in a world ruled by a white power structure. We do not control or own any of the economic, legislative, judicial, military, academic, or legal institutions in Western civilization. We're literally guests in a house we, more or less built, but do not own.

And we all know (or at least we all should) that racism isn't about hatred, it's about socio-political-economic factors. Or, in other words, money. It's always about, and this is America, and America is money.

So how can a Black person be considered racist?

We don't, yet, have the political or financial power to upset the white power structure. Like really and truly we don't. As a matter of fact, black people are, probably, the only people on the planet who, realistically, have any right to be racist. Nobody else, aside from European Jews and Native Americans, can say they were more disrespected than we were by any other group of people. Nobody else. However, Jews were granted reparations ($12 million or so) by Obama when he was still in office. Blacks, of course, are yet to receive any type of restitution of any kind for the trauma and abuse previous generations were forced to endure.

For so long, Blacks held to a beaten and wounded posture, so in terms of Black-White historical relations, how can the abused be the abuser at the same time? How can the rapist also be the victim?

Nobody has been so blatantly disrespected, in EVERY sense of the word, as Black people have been. Aside from the physical abuse, we've also dealt with mental abuse as well. We've gone unrecognized in an endless litany of areas of human interest... in science and technology, mathematics (Katherine Johnson), sports (the Negro Leagues for baseball)... in literature, military, law enforcement, fine arts, music, filmmaking, politics, academia, and business, to name a few.

Words like "ghetto" came from Nazi Germany when the Nazis pushed the European Jews into so-called "ghettos" as a place to hold them before killing them. When WWII ended and white Americans returned home, they turned around, built new housing projects in the inner cities, then state and city governments started passing pro-white housing laws.

Meanwhile, private banks and real estate agencies implemented unfair and highly racialized business policies and practices.The combination of the two forced blacks to live in, you guessed it... "ghettos," the shitty apartment complexes of barely livable conditions we know (many of us intimately) of today.

If, and, when (and only if and when) blacks ever become the wealthiest racial group in America and the roles of judges, police commissioners, union leaders and politicians in America (if not the world) are filled by overwhelmingly by black people, then black racism can become a real thing, absolutely. However, we have simply not reached that time in our history, not yet, and we won't for a long while.

Some radicals in the black community call for segregation because in those days we were forced to do for ourselves and, in many ways, we did do better. Black Wall Street, a major success, was a brainchild of segregation believe it or not. The Civil Rights Movement also proved blacks could come together, put their pride aside, and follow someone who had clear and true vision for them at a time when the world wanted to give us nothing but injustice and misery.

You cannot say a black person is racist when you know the history of the black experience in the world—especially in America. That is just recklessly dangerous to think and say. If a thief robs a man every day for a year, the victim is not at fault. If a racist culture mistreats another for nearly 400 years, that racist culture does NOT get to turn around and say, "YEAH BUT THOSE NEGROES ARE RACIST TOO!" Like huhhhh???? You see what I'm saying? You see how dumb that sounds?

Alas, opinions will vary on this I'm sure. Though how any opinion can see nothing but righteous truth in this will go beyond my comprehension.


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    Dre JosephWritten by Dre Joseph

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