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Biden Administration's Attempt To Fill America With Submissive, Christian, Black Immigrants Who Despise Black Americans

Biden & democrats continue to ignore Black Americans & are trying to flood the country with African immigrants

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 10 months ago 12 min read
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Sunday, 30 July 2023

By: TB Obwoge

"Blacks are thugs!" "There are more of you in jail then in university!" "Akata!" (filthy animal, cotton picker, person who forgot their language)

I will never forget that Ghanian Issac A. said, he didn't care if white Americans called him all types of monkeys he just wanted to live in America. This shows the fact that many Africans are willing to ignore racism and downplay racism in America at the cost of the fight that Native Americans and Black Americans have been fighting for respect and dignity.

Slavery was a hell of a thing, that many Africans think happened to them and not to Black Americans, the lazy, criminals and drug dealers of America. These are many of the Fox & Friends talking points, repeated by Africans in Africa and the United States.

Black Twitter is once in a while a buzz with African immigrants who refuse to associate with Black Americans. African immigrants who have the same mentality of White Supremacy but think they're either excluded because they sat and paid for an extremely expensive American university education.

Screenshot from Facebook

This man was asked what he saw in Elon Musk beside wealth that made him admire him. There was no conversation about immigration, Africans immigrating to America what so ever. It was about Africans supporting people who don't care about them, racists and why they admired rich people who didn't care about Black people.

The man went into tearing down Black Americans, to tearing me down for asking what he saw in Musk. What made Musk a decent role model or even a decent human. From there this Cameroonian man ripped apart Black Americans. If you can read his comments, his Cameroonian friend lives in America and seems to have so much hatred for Black Americans too.

Where in the world did protesting come from? Burning buildings, what did any of this have to do with my question? I asked him this several times, I eventually had to un-tag myself while this man sent post after post insulting Black Americans. He's probably still posting, I have no idea why or how even went to me even being an American. But look at the above people this man listed that he admires, some of the most problematic, racist and degrading people.

Photo Via Reuters Nigeria END SARS PROTESTS Against police brutality

Screenshot from Facebook

No Africans have ever burned down buildings in protest, ever! They're so well behaved and morally righteous. They would never in life destroy anything in their own countries, never!

Kenya cost of living protests 2023, rioting because of high food prices and economic hardship, with added oppressive taxes of 40% of wages.

Daily Monitor news paper Uganda

As a Black Frenchman of Congolese descent, I find it sick and offensive that American African Immigrants perceive African — Americans as people who lack authentic pride in their African roots and identity! We wonder why some African-Americans attribute their distance from us. Let’s stop dictating and look at things from the perspective of African-Americans in the U.S.

I am sick and tired of hearing about a common complaint among African immigrants about African Americans: they are perceived to lack authentic pride in their African history and heritage. I am not even an American, nor do I live in the United States: I am a Frencham by birth and by citizenship, originally from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo; I have some of my lineages in Angola, Portugal, Egypt, another country from South Asia.

Many Americans, African Americans, have been taught the belief that Africa is a backward, war-torn, famine-stricken continent populated by people split along tribal lines and ruled by despots — whose fault is that? IMO, it is our fault that Africa is a backward, war-torn continent because all we do is blame colonialism; instead of being mature enough to take personal responsibility for our role in seeing our continent disrespected worldwide.

Like other immigrants, African immigrants have been fed a steady diet of U.S. global popular culture depicting Black Americans in a pervasively negative light as thugs of urban ghettos who dress and talk in a rebellious manner.

In South Africa, I have witnessed Black immigrants from other Sub-Saharan African countries referring to Black South Africans in S.A. as savages for their involvement in different forms of violence, crimes, and backwardness.

Many Black immigrants from other African countries residing in South Africa have higher views of Colored South Africans, White South Africans, and Indian South Africans than Black South Africans, and there is self-imposed segregation.

African-Americans have a country; that country is the United States of America; it is the only country they have grown to know; we cannot expect them to embrace the cultures of a continent from which they were formerly enslaved hundreds of years ago.

Having authentic pride when you have one of the worst healthcare infrastructures in the world is irrelevant to the point where your country has some of the lowest life expectancies in the world. Our levels of domestic violence, human rights abuses, child abuse, ethnic discrimination, and national discrimination are among the highest in the world.

Our legal systems are among the weakest on the planet, and vulnerable members of societies are not protected under the law. Some of us can’t even maintain infrastructure to the point where we destroy everything built during colonial times.

Source: Medium

Kenya protests via Daily monitor

Senegal protests over Sonko, a political opposition leader in court over a rape case which he was found not guilty of. Protests rocked senegal for days. Leadership cut off their access to social media, police and military brutality was ripe in the country.

Senegal News Paper L'Express

Senegal News Paper

These same immigrants who seem to believe their home countries are perfect, crime free, filled with intelligent, morally upright and religious human beings. Unlike the filth of Black America, which is just a bunch of criminals.

Sadly, these words I've heard personally from a Gambian, from Nigerians, from more than enough Ghanians. Who lie on the fact that since most of them don't report crimes to the police that they're country is crime free. There is a total difference between crime free and not reporting crimes because you feel that your local police won't do anything.

If these crime free countries are so great, why don't they remove the bars from the windows, or the walls from around their compounds?

Authors Photo Accra, Ghana

Let's face it every where in the world has some level of crime, the fact that people lean into words like culture, to claim superiority of others is typical bullshit. Culture most everyone in the world has culture and morality doesn't come from religion either.

In countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda , Where brutality is seen not with guns but machete's, murders, femicides, rape. Some African countries where beating someone they assume to homosexual to death in the streets is considered moral.

Where did God sanction humans to do these things? Even after Jesus said, "Let he without sin cast the first stone!"

In places like Ghana were several sat, filmed and watched a 90-year-old woman be beaten to death, as she was accused of being a witch. Or where men accused of being gay where filmed being beaten and thrown into a filthy gutter, most people felt no remorse for them either.

That culture? Or the culture where beating the life out of your women is common practice, which has lead to an onslaught of femicides over the last few months of this very year in Ghana?

Or in these same countries where you can't walk down the street or openly ride in a car with your window opened and your phone in your hand? Since phone snatching & petty crimes, many of these things are common practice, they're not even considered a big deal.

Yet the fact that Black Americans are more often targeted by police, stopped, arrested for things that they're not always committed. When in Africa the African will afford the motto innocent until proven guilty, while all Black Americans are guilty in most's eyes.

The Caribbean AirBnB Host Hates Black Americans Because She Hates Her Own Blackness

Last week, a video of a Caribbean female AirBnB host went viral on TikTok. In it, a woman going by the name of Barefoot Island Lady announces she will no longer let Black Americans rent her place.

The reason, according to her, is that Black Americans are “nothing but problems”. She claims, almost every Black American guest she had was demanding, and argumentative and even claimed they fought each other and with other guests.

She goes on to claim that Black Americans are entitled and expect free stuff from everyone.

Source; Medium Writer

Because African culture doesn't belong to Black Americans who are descendants from Africans, it's their culture because the Black in America isn't allowed to use, wear or believe what their descendants African great-grand parents passed down.

You can see this rhetoric every where only Africans own "their" culture because Black Americans aren't from Africa, they floated on water before being enslaved in America.

Wait, only Black Americans are picked upon when enslaved Africans landed all over those Caribbean islands but they're ok, they are not the same. They can cry for Haitians because even though 95% are from enslaved Africans they're still better than Black Americans.

Black Americans are not allowed to STEAL Africans things because they don't belong to the Africans that WE came from. Our ancestors were too stupid to escape being sold and shipped off from Africa. This is what comments like this one below sounds like.

This pure hatred for Black Americans that can no longer live, wear, think, read, own "African" items because we are dogs and not of Africa.

Kelvin can speak for all 40-45 million Black Americans because he called everyone of them and went to Twitter to tell what he found out from talking to all of Black America.

Black Americans are racist against Black people, even though Africans are the ones "othering" Blacks from America. In Ghana, I was subjected to daily hatred for my skin color, according to them I was not even Black, so it was perfectly acceptable to hate me. Then to immigrate to America and spread this hatred, while white Americans and political leaders love it.

They (white Americans) now have Black people to place for their face of supporters who despise Black Americans immensely as they do.

Christianity and Africans

Uganda Christian gathering SOURCE DAILY MONITOR

The Ugandan anti-gay bill which was strongly backed by European and American religious leaders. Where the likes of Chick-Fil-A poured millions of dollars into a group directly tied to making sure this gay hate bill was passed.

A bill that even sees children thrown into jail for a minimum of 3-years. Children! While pedophilia is rampant and 25% of Ugandan teenaged girls are raped, defiled and left with unwanted pregnancies. While many are infected with HIV by these older men.

Africans recently celebrated ‘Africa Day’, which simply put is the celebration of the day the African Union was formed, which was 25 May 1963. Every year there are different themes. This news outlet posted a video of a girl claiming Africa Day, was for Black Africans to celebrate being Black.

This article was filled with rants claiming Africans were raised better because they had more discipline in their culture. It went onto say that when living ‘ABROAD’ they behaved better because they didn’t want to be deported. Therefore they’re better humans.

The article also claimed that Africans are the smartest people in the world. The claim was backed up because they had great universities in Africa. They posted a comment about the university rankings but no source of research in the article.

Source: Self

The Success of Black Immigrants Is Used to Deny Racism While Data Showing Racism Derailing Black Immigrants’ Progress Is Ignored

Racism harms black immigrants just like it does Black Americans.


By Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Not Undermining Black Americans is the Least Black Immigrants Could Do

In the post Laura, a native Black American, asks Black immigrants and other Blacks in the diaspora not to undermine Black Americans. She writes:

always, ALWAYS consider where your lack of experience just may not allow you to see another’s pov from their lived experience. At the very least, think twice, thrice and five times or more before using your platform to say something contrary.

This is not the first time I have seen a native Black American basically beg non-American Blacks not to undermine them. I was actually watching Tarique Nasheed ask the same thing on one of his YouTube lives.

But Black Americans shouldn’t ask us not to undermine them. Not undermining Black Americans should have been something we do without being asked. It should have been something that comes to us naturally.

We shouldn’t be asked at all because.. not undermining Black Americans is the LEAST we can do. It is the absolute minimum we can do.

What Black immigrants should do is not just not undermine Black Americans, but also support Black Americans. What we should be doing is fighting racism with them.

We should fight with them because their fight is ours. When they lose, we lose. When they succeed, we succeed. I mean our very presence in America is a result of Black Americans succeeding during the Civil Rights Movement.

Black Americans have lived with the most depraved aspect of White Supremacy for more than 400 years. They know about the depravity of Whiteness more than any other Black people. We should be listening to them because they are talking from a 500-years of experience.

We should be listening to them because not doing so means we are invalidating the lived experience of Black people. We are saying that Black people are too stupid to be experts on something that they have lived through for generations.

Source: Here

There is no doubt that in many African countries there is an extreme noise pollution problem. So much so that some African immigrants have been surprised by the lack of noise in countries in the west or east that they've emigrated to.

The culture shock is much the same for people who moved to African countries. In one such article the issues of noise caused by churches was written, within the article there are screenshots from a Ghana expat group. The residents discuss the amount of noise from churches, not only in Ghana but other countries such as Togo and Nigeria.

Source: Self on Noise Pollution in Africa Caused Mainly By Churches

Kiva Harper, LCSW-S @KivaLcsw

Essentially Christianity was a guise by which Western governments justified the exploitation and conquest of African nations. White, Christian missionaries imposed European standards of life and faith. The goal was to lessen resistance to colonial rule.

Source: Twitter (X)

from Instagram Toby Obumseli

Toby Obumseli was a Nigerian who was stabbed to death by his white girlfriend. He despised Black women, his social media posts were all filled with hatred for Black women. Once this tweets made the rounds people stopped caring that the very white woman he thought was better than Black women killed him.

This for some odd reason is what many Black Africans seem to do when it comes to being with a white woman. This in American makes them better, in their minds to have a white woman over a Black woman African or American

In 2022 the United States government gave more student visas to Nigerian and Ghanians than any other country. More than they gave to Canadians wanting to study, work or immigrate to the United States.

The US State Department, under Biden is realizing that the hatred the Black Africans have for Black Americans can work in their favor. This can further eliminate Black Americans from positions in which a more submissive Blacks are willing to ignore racism. Where Black immigrants will fall in-line, ignore racism, salary disparities and eventually go back to their African homelands.

The United States issued Nigeria and Ghana their highest-ever student visa in history in 2022, a recent report has revealed. ApplyBoard, the Canadian educational company, said more African students were awarded F1 visas in 2022 than ever before, citing data from the US Department of State.

Source: The Cable NG

I've witnessed and wirtten about Ghanians and Nigerians willing to marry Americans to "pretend" that they love them in order to obtain American citizenships. Where one Joel Kiage of Kenya did just that, while still married in Kenya no less. A polygamist that stayed married long enough to obtain legal citizenship, then leaving his Black American wife and young son.

Many don't even try to hide this, while creating TikTok accounts to find unknowing Americans and Europeans for marriage.

I love Africa and sometimes I hate Africa, I've never hated Africans, even though I grew up in America listening the Africans say such hateful things about Black Americans. Some would say it when they thought you couldn't understand their pidgin, or their Kiswahili, or their Yoruba.

I've hated my time in Ghana, I always wondered why my skin color was all that mattered to them. Or why my dreadlocks made me evil, when they wore them it didn't but mine did.

I will never understand this divide, yet I know American political leaders love it when Black immigrants ignore their racism.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey's House efforts in Gender Equality & Children's Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved

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