Anti-Christian Is Not Anti-American

by Johann Hollar 5 months ago in history

A my thoughts series

Anti-Christian Is Not Anti-American

Being a history major with a philosophy minor, I have been meaning to spread my thoughts on both matters. This will be the first in what I am hoping to be a successful series.

My first piece, as you can see, is on the Church/State Separation.

I am well aware that the USA's founding fathers were misogynistic slave-owners who defied an empire. But they were the most educated minds of their generation, and they were well aware of the bloody history of Christianity. This was a factor in why they created the Church/State Separation.

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, was a Baptist but even he went as far as saying, "Erecting the 'wall of separation between church and state'... is absolutely essential in a free society." He also said, "Christianity is the most perverted that ever shown in man."

What the founders "really" said about Christianity

There you have it, all you so-called "patriots." This is what the founders really said about your religion.

I of course agree with them and if that pisses you off you Trump-loving, phony Christians, then I do not care.

I am Christian yes, but because of so many so-called Christians out there with their delusions that Trump was chosen by God, it makes me want to go more towards the Kemetic or Olympian faiths.

That notion of leaders being chosen by God has gone the way of the dinosaur, and should have died when the church/state separation was put in place.

I never knew that Christianity had such a bloody history, nor did I know that there was a need for the Church/State Separation. I thought that Medieval Europe was an interesting topic to read about until I learned more about the atrocities that were committed in the name of God through my history lessons. This is why I gave up studying Medieval Europe, and focused on East Asian Studies (which I then had to switch to Philosophy as my Minor, because they did not offer East studies as a Minor at Mankato).

Since the fourth Century of the Common Era (not using A.D. or Anno Domini you stupid bible-thumpers), the church claimed that service to the king was service to God, and that any form of defiance against God, was also against the state. This law was even common in Elizabethan England, even through the Church of England.

"In the past, enemies of the Church were automatically enemies of the State. As we have already seen, many heretics in Elizabethan times were also held to be guilty of treason. Parliament created the crime of seditious libel to deal with those who disagreed with the government, and the crime of blasphemous libel to deal with those who disagreed with the Church. The two were often indistinguishable. A Presbyterian minister, Thomas Rosewell, found himself on trial for treason in 1684, for doubting that monarchs possessed supernatural healing powers" (1).

Speaking of faith-healing rhetoric, the state of Idaho has the highest rate of death. About 183 children since the 1970s have died as result of the state's law statue 18-1501, which allows parents to deny their children access to healthcare in favor of prayer without any legal consequences.

The moronic Republicans of that state are protecting the Christian Extremist group Followers of Christ Church, who shun the use of modern medicine in favor of faith (2).

Idaho is one of many examples of how Christianity is screwing up the country. Education is also under attack.

Many of the southern states have banned the teaching of evolution including Utah and Indiana; they teach "Creationism" with vouchers that are spent from the taxpayers money (3). The Texas board of Education has passed a law stating that Moses was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America (4).

Ironic isn't it?

This country was not supposed to be a Christian nation, it was supposed to be better than what our European cousins had at the time of The American War of Independence. We are supposed to be a country of reason, logic, and free-thought, yet those very principles that were promoted by our nation's founders have been abandoned for insanity.

You've got raving lunatics like the "My Pillow" guy claiming that Trump was chosen by God (5), and Jerry Falwell Jr. replacing Jesus with Trump (6), and the phony Christian denomination (AKA Evangelicals) who believe Trump is the savior (7).

Yet, it was these very same people that spent eight years hating Obama, and claiming that he was the Anti-Christ. They even claimed that he would criminalize all Christians, or that he was a Muslim. The very same people who voted for Trump.

Believing in the existence of an all powerful being that calls itself God is the right of everyone, but that does not give anyone the right to force their beliefs unto others.

Yet why is this even being allowed?

Well I say to hell with these morons, let's all just move forward towards progress, and if they and their Republican butt-buddies have a problem with this, then they can go to hell.

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Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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