All Bandaids and No Solutions

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Breeding Passion and Purpose, Not Slaves

All Bandaids and No Solutions

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Not a single soul should be forced to do anything in life that isn't fueled by their dreams and doesn't fill them with meaningful purpose at the deepest level.

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Everything about our present social and economic systems are designed to keep the veil over our eyes, whilst attempting to fix our problems with bandaids. It is the self-serving individuals at the top of the pyramid with all the power and control saying, for example, "Well, they're crying about not having money, so let's give them jobs." In which, the system then pumps out a million jobs, albeit a million jobs that are in-fact meaningless to the passions and to the pursuit of true meaningful purpose in the worker's lives. But, the job puts food on the table and it keeps the bills paid, so the bandaid works. Those working the jobs even sometimes coming to take pride in them—believing the bullshit propagation that the people in control actually care about them and that job being done—often justifying that the given job is their passion, when, the truth is, they don't even truly know what their passions are, because they've never been given the opportunity or the resources to truly search for them.

The problem is, we've allowed the creation of a system called capitalism—which is nothing if not selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent and self-serving—which directly breeds this pursuit of Triumph and all it takes in order to do just that: {i.e. superficiality, duplicity, egocentrism, narcissism, pettiness, judgment, hypocrisy, prejudice, and so forth}. A system which the Darkness has long rooted its weed-like roots into. A system that those most fluent in the Game of Triumph can work into their favor just like they can a toy doll. A system that doesn't truly care about us cogs that are in-fact the back bone of that system. Thus, we've allowed the creation of a system that utterly fails to truly care for each other and to create jobs that aren't just work for the sake of work, but careers that allow people to pursue their passions and that fill them with a sense of purpose at the deepest level.

Ergo, the root of the problem is, that in order to live, we are forced to be the slaves to a system which isn't built to make us happy, it's built to keep those at the top happy and keep those at the bottom docile with the veil carefully placed over our eyes as to how deeply we are in-fact being robbed and our lives are in-fact being stolen from us just so that the few can live entitled lives like gods.

Not a single soul should be forced to do anything in life that isn't fueled by their dreams and doesn't fill them with meaningful purpose at the deepest level. And what that means is, that it shouldn't only be the lucky few who find a way to do what they love—i.e. surfing, playing baseball, researching new technologies, writing a book or working with whales—and be able to make a living from it. It should be that any and every enthusiast that feels something is their purpose, has the ability to pursue that purpose. Because that is what being truly free means. Because being truly free is not derived from a system where the few are entitled to work their dream jobs and live like gods, but rather where everyone is entitled to work their dream job and live as equals in their on subjective ways. Whether that is contributing to the system by joining a particular team and forging a career in this traditional fashion, or pursuing a more personal passion such as mastering the human body through rock climbing, jumping out of planes or living in the deadliest environments on the planet, for example. But, no one should be a cog that is cared for and treated like a poorly incentivized slave compared to the CEO who incentivizes themself like a god. Thus, every job that a CEO creates should hold deep regard within that CEO's heart and should be treated equally, because every job is a part of the machine that is their business, and thus, is important. Which, on that note, is clearly presently not the case. Because, as it presently stands, all a CEO cares about is how they can stuff more money into their pockets as quietly as possible, rooted in clandestine seekings of Triumph.

No matter how far we've been propagated to think we've come with the social and economic systems we've built thus far—in which, perhaps, at one time, these failing systems were even necessary to get us to where we are today, but, they certainly aren't necessary any more—the truth is, these systems have all been hugely debilitating to the growth of our collective consciousness. Because despite our surface facades, at the end of the day, we live in a clandestinely selfish, self-indulgent and self-centered world; a world where no matter how much one may appear to care for others, a vast majority of us only truly care about themselves and their own gains in this crooked dog-eats-dog world that we live within. Thus, we've allowed ourselves to build a world that helps the most fortunate succeed and leaves the rest of us to rot as disposable cogs whose soul purpose are to feed the system, and, should we not feed the system, be so carelessly dehumanized, cast aside and left to rot.

By doing this, we've wasted so much of our potential as a society. Because we are carelessly casting aside millions of people who have never truly been given all they need—the love and respect, the confidence and positive support, the assets, and the push—to seek and discover their full potential coincided true meaningful purpose in their lives. Whilst forcing millions more to work 60 hours a week at jobs that mean nothing to them, save, paying the bills. When their heart and soul is built to push the boundaries of the human psyche such as by climbing a mountain that's never been climbed, surfing the largest wave recorded, inventing a new gadget and taking its potential to unprecedented levels, or by starting the next business that changes the world. Ergo, all in all, our system is stealing from millions and millions of people their ability to pursue their passions and purpose—whilst showing them that those in control don't give the slightest damn about them because they feel they are better then them, more Triumphant, thus, more deserved of life and luxury—and thus, stealing from them the potential of what they have to contribute to our society and to the Universe as a whole.

Do you not see?

The truth is, right now, we are forcing a massive majority of our population to rot and wither—just so we can keep our selfish and corrupt social and economic systems functioning. And by doing so, we are drastically limiting the full potential of our society and our collective consciousness by forcing the masses to be incentivized slaves, not free men and women of planet Earth, all with the same potential to thrive—should they be given the resources and access to the avenues necessary to see their consciousness flourish.

This is why we are over due to break these systems. Because they've been deeply perverted and the Darkness has long been firmly in control of them. And the people of the Darkness in control of these systems aren't just going to roll over and change what presently works so well for them. They're going to continue telling us we don't know what we are talking about. They're going to continue telling us these systems are great and they work great. They're going to continue discrediting every idea we have that is a threat to these systems and that limits the cash flows to their pockets. They're going to do everything they can with their control of these systems to make their statements "good" and "right" and our statements "bad" and "wrong." And we are going to continue believing them like the good subservient cogs we in-fact are. All the while, the blatant Truth of the epidemic that these systems have created is staring us right in the face: {i.e. crime, poverty, mass terror, addiction, depression, selfishness, egocentrism, prejudice, and so forth}. Yet, we can't even see this epidemic because we're so easily propagated to look away from the true root of the issues—the true root of the issues that are created by the social and economic systems we presently aid and abet.

A bandaid isn't going to fix a broken bone. It's going to heal that bone in a perverted way. In which, the only way to fix that perverted bone is to then break it and set it straight again.

The fact of the matter is, the bone that is America has been perverted—and it is time to set it straight again, it is time for revolution. Because we've been incentivized and propagated slaves for too long. But, the truth is, until we realize that our systems have long been broken; until we learn that our broken systems need to be rebuilt from the ground up; we will continue to be propagated slaves to a system that doesn't truly care about us; we will continue to breed a selfish, self-centered and self-indulgent world packed full of superficiality, duplicity, prejudice, hypocrisy and judgment; and we will continue to Fall as a society.

Eric Durland
Eric Durland
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