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After Super Tuesday: Why Democrats Will Lose 2020

by Danny Burgos 2 years ago in politics

Democrats are not united under policy issues and this will cost them 2020 and beyond.

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It's the day after Super Tuesday and the Democrats are set to lose 2020 and beyond. Their party is fractured between moderate/establishment democrats and in the increasing progressive group.

These two camps do not get along.

The progressive side of the DNC wants large, comprehensive changes to things like health care, criminal justice, and climate change. The establishment is more concerned about beating Trump and getting back in power.

This is not going to go over well for the 2020 general election. Here's why.

A tale of two camps

The DNC is a far cry of what it used to be, even 20 years ago.

Decades of progressive and socialist ideology in college campuses has given rise to a progressive arm of the DNC that continues to grow. A progressive democrat is more concerned over social issues than their modern counterparts. They believe in new, radical social change for the betterment of society.

As for economic policy, a lot of progressives lean toward Keynesian economic policy. This basically means using government control to react to things like demand in order to prevent a recession.

Progressive policies also tend to lean on cracking down on things like price gouging and other unethical corporate practices.

A Moderate democratic policy seeks to have a balance in government interference and free trade. A moderate democrat would want a little more government involvement than a republican.

This is where the problems begin to start.

When you have two factions in a party that are so different, and often fights with each other, it's hard to get them to find common ground on a single candidate.

This fear is what's leading them to lose 2020 and the house by fracturing their own party

While it can be difficult to measure an exact number or percentage of progressives just look at the backing that Bernie Sanders has. This wouldn't have been possible for a candidate running as a democrat 20 years ago.

There are a lot of moderates and progressives that don't agree on much in a party that's trying to pull off a big political win.

The outlook isn't very good.

A split party is a defeated party

What happens if half your party is so enraged that they don't vote? Let's say that some of them do but not all of them. Would that be enough to snatch a presidential win?


A presidential race requires all hands on deck to be successful. This is like sidelining half of your all-stars when going to the Super Bowl.

It makes no sense.

Trump won 2016 because he was able to unite a very fractured GOP. He got other demographics of voters in the GOP fold and motivated them to the polls.

The DNC seems to be doing the opposite. They're pushing a large segment of their voters away over the fear of being branded as socialist. Over the fear of losing donors.

This fear is what's leading them to lose 2020 and the house by fracturing their own party. Progressive voters can get pretty serious about the policies that they support and for good reason. A lot of working-class Americans face health care issues.

Many of them have conditions that require medication and can't afford them. Americans do die from a lack of proper health care and the sole blame is put on them.

The health insurance companies don't get blames and the massive drug corporations that set the price don't get blamed.

This is why so many Americans are turning toward a more progressive political leaning. They realize that something is wrong and the system isn't working.

What happens now

The DNC will place Joe Biden as their nominee and we'll see a very entertaining general election. Biden and Trump will spare with each other over policy, controversy, and other things.

I'm going to predict that Trump will win the election by a similar margin in 2016. Trump does very well against establishment candidates and he is quick on his feet.

What the DNC is forgetting is that Trump is a person that took out multiple political opponents, united a party, and defeated a very well established DNC politician.

Competing against someone like Trump requires new ideas. Going back to old politics will not work.


Danny Burgos

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Danny Burgos
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