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A Bill for Reparations is Being Considered in California, But It’s Exclusively For African Americans

!Another opinion piece!

By Inky Rose Published 9 months ago 5 min read

Hello everybody! So, I just wanted to say that this article is going to be heavily based on my opinion, which might or might not be accepted. If you are easily offended, or do not want to hear what I have to say on the subject matter, I would suggest that you pick something else to read. I do indeed have other articles of all kinds of subjects.

You can decide whether or not to read. I recently was looking through my news feed for some new ideas, and lucky enough, I found an article about this topic. I was shocked to be honest, and I found that it truly displayed how inequal everything is in the present. This was the proverbial icing on the cake. So as the title says, California is passing a bill to pay African Americans for their past suffering. But only for African Americans. I'll try to keep this article short and sweet so here are MY issues with it.

1. First of all, California wasn't even U.S. territory yet around that time! What are they doing trying to atone for what happened on the east side of the country? If anyone should be trying to 'atone,' it should be states that actually took part in it like Georgia, or Mississippi. Slavery is said to have originated in the U.S. around 1776 and I have a map that shows the regions that were still Mexico's territory and America's states back then:

California is a part of that purple section of the map. So, what are they doing trying to pay for something they had nothing to do with in the first place?

2. Second of all, America is going through economic problems! It's not enough that we have a huge inflation going on, banks are crashing, and now a truckload of money is going to a selected group of people, who might or might not meet their 'criteria.'

3. What about all the other civilizations and ethnic groups settlers have terminated, threatened, and massacred? Do they get a compensation for their suffering? Some ethnic groups have experienced racism as recent as the 20th century, and I don't see them getting reparations for their suffering. Just recently, California has apologized for the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during WWII, that's all. Do they get reparations? Nope...

Just an apology, nothing more. Why not pay all ethnic groups you've been racist to? Well, it's a big list, and obviously the state can't pay all of them for their suffering, so why do it at all?

I apologize if I sound 'rude,' but I am tired of people playing the 'my ancestors were slaves' trump card. All I see are African American people getting their 'reparations.' I don't see the state of California apologizing or trying to make amends for Mexican Americans for things like the Zoot Suit riots, the forced sterilization of their women, or the fact they hosed down with harmful pesticides and gasoline after crossing the border.

I am seeing some serious favoritism in our world today, and I hope you all see it too. Things like this are more or less publicity stunts for government officials, mayors, and people in positions of power to say "I'm not racist! I helped pass this bill!"

These things are only executed when they are convenient. I remember a couple of months ago, I saw an article about land being handed back to African American people.

Some people don't even realize that there is evidence that there were African American slave holders. So how do these people that want to give African American people in California checks know whether or not these people were descended from slaves, or slave owners.

I wonder... Are they going to give full background checks and hire genealogists to see? That would cost even more money.

I am still wondering, why even do this at all? I understand that you are trying to 'apologize' and make amends, but California wasn't as quick to issue a bill for Japanese Americans for their great grandparent's suffering as they were for African American suffering. When it comes to this topic, it's either all or nothing.

You shouldn't just give one specific group compensation for their suffering, because many ethnic groups have been oppressed by the hand of the white man and expect them to just receive an apology and go about their merry way. Why does the African American community get both an apology, and money? There is major bias, whether you see it or not. They obviously can't give everyone who was oppressed compensation, but why do it for only one ethnicity? That's my problem. I am tired of people 'amplifying' African American voices over all others. Everyone of all ethnicities have gone through discrimination and racism, African Americans aren't the only ones! Stop treating like they are the only ones who endured racism America!

Latin American people are here and have endured racism!

Native American people are here and have endured racism!

Asian American People are here and have endured racism!

And yes, African American people are here and have endured racism!

All these ethnicities and more have endured and powered through racism, apartheid, genocide, and dehumanization, but that doesn't mean we have to dwell in the past. It's great to know where you come from and what your culture has gone through but think about all we can do for the future.

We can pave the way for a better future for us and the future generations, we don't have to stay stuck in the past. What matters is the future. We can't progress if we stay stuck worrying about the past wrongs. All we can do is make our future and present right.

Thank you for reading everyone, I'm glad I got to share this with you all today, and as always, Thank you for reading everyone and have a good day🏙️/night🌃!

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Have an opinion on this article? Comment on it! I would love to hear your opinion, and ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOME! 🙂

(Stay tuned for the sources and further reading.)

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  • Nicholas Bishop9 months ago

    Hi Inky, I couldn't agree with you more. What about Native Americans? You have economic problems in the US as we do in the UK. As you say, anyone would think Blacks were the only people suffering. This crap about White privilege is nonsense, there are many people of Caucasian ancestry suffering. Keep up the good work.

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