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10 Reasons Why the Trump Presidency Will End Soon

by Adrian Holman 3 years ago in trump
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Within three months

Throughout history, world empires have ended rather abruptly. The Babylonian Empire was destroyed when the Medes and the Persians diverted the Euphrates River. As a result, the Babylonians were no longer defended by the river. The Persian Empire was demolished by Alexander the Great in 331 BC even though the Persian army outnumbered the Greeks almost at a 6 to 1 ratio. After Alexander the Great suddenly died nine years later, the Greek Empire was split up into four different regions.

The last transfer of power occurred in 1783 when the United States of America defeated the British Empire in the US Revolutionary War. Although the USA remains the current world superpower, the decline is at a precipitous downward slope. The last time that the US military has won a decisive war was the Gulf War in 1991.

Over that same span of time, morality within the country has dropped to an all-time low with the proof being that President Trump has been in office for nearly three years. However, there are ten different flaws that show why his Presidency will be ending soon.

1. Lack of honor. We have seen from his previous business dealings over the decades that he lacked honor: the demise of the USFL, the failed lawsuit against the NFL, and numerous cases of bankruptcy. To believe that he would develop some honor solely because he was elected President was the wrong assumption to make.

2. The Warning Sign. The Mueller Report was a sign of what was to come. Although the report did not lead to an impeachment hearing, there are people from President Trump's campaign from 2016 that are currently in prison. However, this report was only the tip of the iceberg as impeachment hearings in regards to Ukraine are currently ongoing.

3. Attempted change of the census. Remember when the Trump Administration attempted to add the citizenship question to the census four months ago? The main purpose of a census is to count how many people are currently within the country. Any potential attempt by the government to control the population in any fashion is wrong.

4. Lack of vision. The campaign slogan that worked for President Trump in 2016 is "Make America Great Again!" However, using this slogan as a principle for his Presidency shows that he lacks vision because the slogan implies that we look towards the past instead of focusing on the future. If we are supposed to focus on the past, then our eyes would be in the back of our heads. The goal is to go forward instead of backwards.

5. Lack of discipline. His lack of discipline is proven by what he says on a daily basis. His message on various topics changes from day-to-day. This lack of discipline leads to him not having any capacity for introspection whenever any national crisis arises. As an example, people that lived in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, did not even want the President to make an appearance after the mass shootings due to his lack of discipline and introspection.

6. One critically bad strategic move. For the first time in about seven years, the situation in Syria was finally turning the corner. Unfortunately, President Trump decided to withdraw US troops from northern Syria. Now, the Kurds fight for their lives because the Turks have been trying to kill them for centuries. This strategy was so bad that even Republicans publicly criticized the President for this horrible move.

7. Lack of reception. Whenever someone from the President's staff goes against what he wants to do, the President fires that person. He has fired dozens of people because he lacks reception. He lacks the ability to receive criticism without lashing out at everyone else.

8. Lack of persistence. When the going gets tough for President Trump, he just starts tweeting. While former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanavitch was testifying in the impeachment inquiry, the President tweets about her. If he really did not do anything wrong, then he would wait this inquiry out until it is over. Nevertheless, his lack of persistence will rise up again in the next few weeks.

9. Lack of timing. The reason why President Trump lacks the quality of being tactful is because he lacks timing. He does not know what he needs to say. He does not know what he needs to do. When President Trump won the 2016 General Election, his wife Melania cried not because she was happy that his husband became President, she cried tears of horror because even she knew that he did not know what to do as President. Her greatest fears have come true because his Presidency is nearing its end.

10. Lack of stability. The President claims that he is a "stable genius." However, we are one event away from the entire world being placed into a conundrum. That event will occur when Brexit happens on January 31, 2020.

Based upon historical analysis, there seems to be no way that his Presidency will last for another three months, whether he is impeached or not.


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