10 Historical Factors Leading to the Rise of America Again

How the USA can maintain her dominant status throughout next decades?

10 Historical Factors Leading to the Rise of America Again

As far as we know, the United State of America has been a superpower in the modern world. The USA has learned from the advantages and strengths of the former empires. Needless to say, the USA is very flexible. They not only try their best to adapt themselves to real situations but also successful apply ideals originated from many great nations from ancient history.

10. Cultural Attractiveness as Roman Empire

“All roads lead to Rome.” This phrase refers to the magnificent road system of the Roman Empire, with Rome as located in the center and every road around Roman occupied territories leading to it. This phrase also tells us the absolute power of Rome in terms of diverse culture, as well as its ability to attract immigrants everywhere. Due to the mass immigration, we can call Rome a melting pot of ancient world.

The USA might be a modern version of the Roman Empire. It has diversity of culture. It enchants talented immigrants from any country. Many aspects of U.S culture are popular and desirable around the world. Day by day American film industry has never been stopping producing the Hollywood blockbusters to attract international audiences. Many famous actors/actresses tend to choose Hollywood as destination to develop their own career.

9. Destructive Counter-attacks as Mongol Empire

Under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Mongol Empire marked a significant milestone in the history of mankind. One of the largest contiguous land empire in thirteenth century, it took control of a huge system of conquered areas across Asia to East Europe. They utilized intelligent tactics as well as deadly weapons to cause mass destruction, fear of terrorism.

Similarly, the US army has several theories of war and core weapons which are fearful enough to turn the tide, driving enemies to back down. They have a network of nuclear strategic weapon such as silo-housed intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear submarines, and strategic bombers ready to make a sudden attack from anywhere all across the world.

8. Creating Desire for Citizenship as the Roman Empire

To our knowledge, Roman Empire spread her influential cultures, ancient arts, and vast opportunities to develop careers around partially Middle East, Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, and South Europe. They enabled surrounding tribes to stand a chance for success in Rome. They brought substantial benefits and citizen rights for anyone who desired Roman citizenship.

The United State applied the same policies as the Roman did in their history. America not only has creates various paths to success for global immigrants but also encourages them to pursue U.S citizenship because the U.S helped them define their true nature and attained their vivid dreams. Legal rights and the benefits of U.S citizenship attract even Canadians. Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson, Samantha Bee are proud of dual citizens of Canada and the U.S.

7. Power to Spread Their Ideologies as the Umayyad Caliphate

Under the regime of the Umayyads, the caliphate expanded their territories rapidly. Their occupied areas included North Africa, Iberian Peninsula, Middle East and West Asia. The Umayyads shared two most considerable ideologies widely, Muslim and Arabic language. Every aspect of life in terms of state documents and currency were officially written in Arabic language. Secondly, the Umayyads spread Islam, which has become one of the most prolific religions.

Similarly, the US has one of the most significant ideologies, which has become the exemplary frameworks to copy and develop. That is democracy. Most US ally nations, which have learned from them, are developed countries, guaranteeing political stability, economic growth, and national security. For example, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Australia are not only progressive states but also ensure the legal benefits, rights of freedom of speech for their citizens.

6. The Effective Law System as the British Empire

Due to the huge system of colonies in most continents, the English Common Law has become the most widespread legal system in modern world, especially the Commonwealth of Nations. Many former British colonies, known as developed countries now, adopt the UK law system to govern the administration effectively. Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa, Hong Kong play a significant role in forming the similar structures of British laws.

The US has applied an American version of English Common Law. They have both federal jurisdiction and state jurisdictions. In the cases of minor criminal activities, state courts are responsible for handling in the U.S. For serious-level crimes, the District Court in the US, which is American version of Crown Court in the UK, will handle these cases. Nine judges are in charge of judgments and the enforcements of major decisions.

5. Free Trade Network as the British Empire

One of the greatest achievements the British Empire has brought to human history is free trade. With worldwide dominance of economy and the increase in size during Victoria period, the British Empire could seek for opportunities to involve in trade wherever they could. They gave trade opportunities to both themselves and local residents living in colonies.

Now not only the US is the most powerful economy in the world but also inherits from the free trade theories of the British Empire. Americans encourage a fair and international trade with the rest of the world. Their best partnerships are with Canada, India, EU, Japan, Australia, South Korea and some of the strongest allies like Israel, France, UK, and Germany. Moreover, the US is able to attract skillful immigrants, global scientists, and multicultural students to come and make America prosperous again.

4. Multiculturalism as the Persian Achaemenid Empire

Multiculturalism is the inspirational tool of an influential and great empire. The Persian Achaemenid Empire, which was led by Cyrus II was aware of this. He encouraged cultural diversity of different ethnic groups among the various nations living in his empire. Cyrus II did not intend to destroy cultural values.

Nowadays, it is apparent that the US has been applying the same system of cultural diversity. As a result, the United State is home to citizens of varied national origins. Caucasian Americans of European descent and African Americans settle down in all areas of the country while Latino Americans and Asian Americans mainly live in Texas, Hawaii, Florida and California. Every race and ethnic groups have rights to preserve their traditional cultures and mother languages.

3. Global Alliance System of the USA

No superpower can remain dominant without the support and assistance of strong allies and partnerships. The USA has maintained a stable relationship with many loyal ally countries from everywhere globally. In Asia Pacific, South Korea, Japan are in charge of regional stability in Pacific. They are main factors to defend U.S military bases against North Korea and China. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand play a significant role in large-scale military agreement with the USA since the establishment of diplomatic relation. Most important of all, US government remain supportive of Taiwan regardless of high pressure from China.

2. Political stability as the British Empire

After the American Revolution, US government officially gained independence from Great Britain. However, they never turned away from the brilliant model of UK political system that operated in colonial network during the era of the British Empire. The founders of America were able to take the best of both the English Constitutional tradition and democratic system then creatively turned those to their own advantage.

U.S government has learnt from UK Parliament to create U.S Congress. Specifically, U.S Senate and House of Representative originated from the upper House of Lords and the lower House of Commons respectively. Such legislative bodies are totally separated from the executive branches and legal judgement of government. They are elected to be responsible for acting as check and balance on the others, which may ensure the relative stability of the government.

1. The Ability to Adapt as the Roman Empire

Ancient Romans were more persistent and much stronger than their opponents in order to recover from heavy losses, serious failures, and casualty. Punic Wars against Carthage, long-term campaigns to conquer Gaul, Parthia demonstrate this. Thanks to the creativity as well as flexibility, Romans learned how to accommodate to new tactics and long-term strategies against their enemies. They gave up their old-fashioned traditions until they found the better ones. As a result, they gained decisive victories.

Like Rome, the USA has been involving a lot of major wars. Under most circumstances, Americans won the wars in honor. Even though Vietnam War was the only war ended in failure, the USA has been regaining its position as superpower in modern world. This is because American emphasis on individualism, creativity, freedom and independence. They are brave enough to try new things without hesitation. From their point of view, failures are nothing but keys to their final victory. They are able to recover completely after suffering losses.

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