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What No One Has Told You About Cryptocurrency

by Mona about a year ago in alt coins

Money is Flowing and You are Probably Missing Out

Cryptocurrency Is The Future

Fiat is dead. I mean like dead dead. As in fuckin Weekend at Bernie's dead. If you have ever attended a Rich Dad Poor Dad conference, much like myself, then you probably already learned that the dollar's value has been steadily declining since the gold standard was removed in 1971, which leaves us in the 2020s with a depreciating currency as the United State's national currency.

Stick with me because 1) this is a hairy situation to contemplate with how deep that rabbit hole goes and 2) there's already a solution to that problem, so I'm not going to take that trip with you down memory lane with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

You may have already heard the whispers, shrieks, and chuckles of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hovering in the air like smoke at a festival. But you didn't pay much attention to it because 1) that's not what we're using now and 2) you've been distracted. Well now, I'm here to tell you that crypto is a big damn deal, and if you are not invested in it, you will be missing the fuck out.

Now the dollar is still in circulation because of the public's perceived value in it, much like Bernie was able to be perceived as alive due to his living counterparts using their belief and imagination to reanimate his lifeless corpse.

Don't get me wrong, the dollar is quite a magical instrument, there's almost nothing we can't do with it...except that it's owned by the federal reserve.

Cryptocurrencies are not owned by any banks. They are what is called decentralized currencies, meaning there is not one institution that owns or controls them and therefore they are not subject to the same stringent laws, policies, or fees.

To summarize and not to trivialize at all (because we are talking about our future here), they are basically like highly digitally advanced Pokémon cards (for millennials) or baseball cards and mint coins (for baby boomers and above). Forgive that stereotypical analogy, but I trust you get my point. They are ever-appreciating in value (meaning cryptocurrencies).

PayPal recently announced that they will be updating their services to include the buying, selling, and holding of cryptocurrency. This announcement has caused the value of Bitcoin to jump from somewhere around $13,000 to present day $14,323 and growing in the timeframe of about a week, and you can bet your sweet ass that it will continue to keep growing the more and more integration crypto receives in our daily practices, transactions, and essentially in our lives.

Therefore, since I have already emphatically expressed the importance of why we should invest in crypto, I am now going to tell you simply how to invest.

No, I am not going to tell you what to buy. I am not a financial advisor and any risk you take is yours and yours alone. But I am going to tell you how to buy crypto, the easy way.

1) Download an app like Voyager or Gemini and 2) use your debit or credit card to purchase as little or as much as you'd like. You do not need to buy $14,000 worth of Bitcoin; you can buy $10 worth if you want.

Voyager Cryptocurrency Brokerage App

And voila. You have now invested in cryptocurrency and are well on your way toward having some semblance of exchanging valuable currency in the future. You may possibly even achieve wealth. And that wouldn't be too far-fetched considering that the cryptocurrency market is now a billion dollar market.

Word to the wise: This is an entry-level crash course in crypto. It would be prudent of you to transfer your coins into a cryptocurrency wallet like Exodus, which is free to use and download.

You can store your crypto in a virtual wallet like Exodus (free) or in a physical hardware wallet like the Trezor One ($55) or the Ledger Nano X($119) which is thought to be more secure but is not necessary.

Trust me, transferring your crypto into a wallet is a step that is well worth the time.

Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet App

Lastly, if you are new to the crypto world, that's okay! Everyone must start somewhere, and you should give yourself more credit. You will probably absorb this knowledge and pick up the ins and outs of the crypto world relatively fast.

I think I've expressed enough, what I would do if I was in your shoes and haven't bought any crypto yet, so yeah do yourself a favor (no pressure).

And with that being said, I wish you a Good Day. All the best to you on your crypto investing journey and godspeed *Salutes* ;).

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I have an intense love of words and sonic frequencies. I am a renaissance woman, an underground singer, dancer, poetess, filmmaker, jewelry designer, and digital artist. I studied filmmaking at Howard. I am a healer, and I share knowledge.

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