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Top different ways to make money with NFT

by Josef lony 4 months ago in tokens
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How you can make money with NFT

Top different ways to make money with NFT
Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

There are two different ways to make money. The first is to invest your time in stable industries, such as content creation or web development. This will take time, because these industries already have many competitors. The second and fastest way is to invest time in trending industries such as cryptocurrency or NFT and become one of the early adopters of these technologies.

1. You can generate NFT avatars

You may have seen many collections with approximately more than 1,000 NFTs. These collections are called NFT avatar collections. Each avatar collection has a basic image, and all images contain the common attributes of the basic image. If a designer wants to make an NFT avatar, he must first design different layers, each layer has multiple characteristics: Design square, round and triangular face images for face layers. Design soft, curly, and curly hair images for the hair layer. Design black, white, and sand skin images for the skin layer. After that, the designer will need someone to combine the unique features to create 10,000 images. Someone maybe you. There are many people on Fiverr who are willing to do this work.

2. You can design your own NFTs

The common way to make money with NFTs is to create your own NFT. Then sell it in any market. Creating an NFT does not mean making artwork. NFTs can be music, books, poets, or domain names, to name a few. Nevertheless, Art is the most common type of NFT. Making NFT art is not the patent of talented artists. We all know how to draw, you don't have to make Mona Lisa's NFT for profit. You can easily design pixel art like CryptoPunks and earn thousands of dollars. You can use many tools to design NFT art. If you want to make NFT images, you can use Canva, Pixilart, Photoshop, or Illustrator. After making the NFT, it's time to sell it on the market. OpenSea is the most popular NFT sales market. The process of listing your NFT is simple. If you have good design skills, you can design art for people who want to make NFTs but can't do their own design.

3. You can deploy NFT to the blockchain

When the artist completes the design of the NFT, he may need blockchain developers to deploy these NFTs on the blockchain. I said it might be because some artists only have one or two NFTs, and they can easily deploy them in markets such as OpenSea. But if they have 10,000 NFT collections, they definitely need a developer to automate this process. If you have some coding experience, especially JavaScript, it is easy to become a blockchain developer. However, you must spend time learning blockchain terminology.

4. You can market other people NFTs

Whether you are in NFT or other industries, marketing is the most difficult part you will face. We have seen many artists create exquisite works of art, but they are struggling with marketing. Marketing NFT requires a lot of experimentation and practice. However, as you learn the process, you can repeat the process in any new NFT project. In the beginning, you can target individual NFT artists. Just search on Instagram and Twitter for all people who use NFT hashtags and have fewer than 100 followers. Then, if he needs an assistant in marketing NFT, you can DM him. After you find a customer, you can start promoting his collection on every social media by sending a cold message to everyone related to the crypto world. As a marketing agency, you can also start building your brand on social media. Gain followers by sharing useful content about NFTs. Later, you can promote your client’s artwork on them.

5. You can NFTs airdrop

Many new NFT projects are doing NFT airdrops to increase their communities. This means they will randomly give away some NFTs for free. Of course, this method depends on luck. But hundreds of NFT projects appear every week. If you pay attention to all of these projects, the chances of winning the airdrop will be very high. Twitter and Discord are the best social media for NFT projects. You can search for #NFT content, and you will find many accounts and communities. Just search for people who haven't completed the giveaway and follow them.


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