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Stay Ahead of the Crypto Industry with Best News and Exchange Platforms

by Faizan Amin 5 months ago in blockchain
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Crypto News and Exchange Platforms to Know About

Blockchain technology, since its introduction about a decade ago, has continued to create regular shockwaves in the world. The world had not yet recovered from the initial surprise of having a technology that offered security via decentralized control when a series of following advancements world have all come as surprises for us, though very pleasant ones.

So if you are working in the crypto industry, the need is to stay connected with relevant news and find the best international exchanges to trade on. In this article, we bring you both, so stay connected to the end and you will run away with the best online resources available to date.

Best Crypto News Platforms


A recent addition to the list, so it needs to be mentioned first up. Tokeneo brings you the latest news and updates from the crypto industry, including recent legal issues and breakthroughs, banking and taxation procedures, and also the latest crypto markets to explore. You can find all the latest cryptocurrencies of note on the platform, read about them and find your way towards trading in those currencies. So if you are interested in continuous exploration of the crypto industry, Tokeneo has to be among your bookmarks.


Surely, a platform that doesn’t need any introduction for those familiar with the crypto market. CoinTelegraph has readers in millions, which says a lot about its credibility as a platform that features all the latest updates, with information that you can always trust. An additional benefit offered by CoinTelegraph is that its Telegram is also updated regularly, with the latest news and updates helping you get industry insights and find new trading opportunities.


Known for its in-depth analysis and latest stories about the crypto market, CoinDesk is among the most trusted sources for news around the world. The platform never misses out on anything important, so if you are a follower, you can have the same benefit. It is one of those sources that go a long way in helping you make informed and calculated decisions. All in all, Coinspace should be on your list of crypto news sources, if it is not there already.

Bitcoin Magazine

One of the oldest and most trusted sources of news in the industry, Bitcoin Magazine is also a platform you must keep a check on. What makes it most credible? Well, the answer is there when you find out who founded it. The names include Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, the latter being the creator of Ethereum. Since its acquisition in 2014, it is now owned by BTC Media LLC, which is a subsidiary of BTC Inc. Surely, you will not find a greater authority in the crypto market.

Social Media

The place where you can stay connected with the latest happenings in each industry and domain. For crypto news also, you can rely on social platforms as you can hear from industry experts, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Though it is important to know how each social media can help you in your quest for news.


Reddit, though an unusual and uncommon platform, is the best among all to find crypto news. It is the hub of crypto enthusiasts, with all their views and updates converged in one place. The best thing about the platform is that it has subreddit communities for each niche, so you can look up news specific to what you are looking for.


Surely you are aware of how Facebook works. The best way to use it for getting crypto news is to find relevant groups, which you will find many, with thousands of members. With so many enthusiasts combined in groups, you can expect to find a lot of insights and varying takes on the latest happenings.


Twitter is the platform where established leaders of each industry put their views out. The best thing to do is find relevant profiles of top crypto experts and follow them, the news will follow you.


A widely popular platform to find updates about everything is YouTube, especially if you like the information in the form of a video. Though it is still important to find trusted and most relevant channels to bring you the latest and reliable updates.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

These news platforms will help you understand industry trends, assisting in making the right investment decisions. But once you get your hands on the information, you will need to find some most useful and efficient exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. Without any ado, here is the list we have come up with:

• Coinbase

• Gemini

• Ebankx

• Webull Crypto

• Robinhood Crypto

All these exchanges provide the best set of features needed for secure and fruitful crypto investments and exchanges. The most fast-growing one, Ebankx, is a relatively new platform, with a series of important features for crypto investors. It is not just a medium where top cryptocurrencies are listed for investment and exchange, but also offers innovative banking, payments and multi-currency features along with a perfect platform for new investments and crypto projects.

Coinbase, one of the market leaders, is the most established of all platforms listed, so one can always use it conveniently. It also provides the latest news and updates, so it is one medium that brings you all you need. Gemini, Webull Crypto, and Robinhood Crypto are also among the most trusted platforms, which are rated highly by users across the globe and have emerged as top names to make this list.

To cap it off, crypto investments need a lot of market insight and careful decision-making to bring positive results. By following the news sources mentioned and making good use of the trusted exchanges listed, you have the best chance of maximizing the benefits of entering the crypto market.


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