10 Interesting Dapp Games You Can Play

by Iggy Paulsen 10 months ago in product review

Whoever thought blockchain technology was boring needs to give these dapp games a try.

10 Interesting Dapp Games You Can Play

Blockchain technology has a very unfair reputation for being dry, boring, and relegated to a "nerds only" status. It's a reputation that I really want to see change.

Part of the reason is because people assume that blockchain just means you buy and sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange. The other reason for the bad rep is because most people just talk about the industrial possibilities that blockchain offers up.

Believe it or not, blockchain can be fun. Dapps, also known as "decentralized apps," are proof of that. These are apps that are built on the blockchain that cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are made from.

Not all dapps involve cryptocurrency exchanges or similar types of functionalities. Some are games that you can play, just like any other type of computer game—and many offer prizes in the form of cryptocurrency.

Do you want to cash out, or just spend some time having fun? These dapp games might be a good way to pass the time while exploring all that blockchain has to offer you.

Many of the top ranking dapp games you'll hear about involve breeding creatures that vary in traits, power levels, and value. Blockchain Cuties is currently skyrocketing to popularity, and not just for the wide range of cute critters you can create.

Unlike other games you'll hear about, Blockchain Cuties doesn't just let you breed and trade cyberpets. It also lets you use them to battle, much like the Pokémon games you adored as a kid.

It does cost a little bit of cryptocurrency to play the game, especially if you want to buy items. Even so, it's a game that will melt your heart. The cuties are on TRON, ETH, and EOS.

I don't think there are many dapp games that are as cute as this. Look at how cute it is. Look. At. It.

Back before there was Blockchain Cuties, there was Cryptokitties—the original dapp every crypto fan should know about. This game uses a blend of Mendelian genetics and cryptocurrency trading to turn breeding cute cats into a serious art form.

Each time you breed a cryptokitty, you will see new trait blends. Some kitties are rarer than others. The rarer and more high status your kitties are, the more they're worth on the trading floor.

This super cute game was so popular, it actually slowed down Ethereum's network. It's also a fairly lucrative game; the most expensive cryptokitty topped six figures!

If you're looking up dapp games, I'm willing to bet that you've played other video games quite a bit. If this is the case, you probably loved Pokémon back in the day.

Etheremon is the decentralized app version of Pokémon, minus all the iconic characters. Catch your 'Mons, trade them, fight them, and love them. It's like reliving a slice of childhood in the best possible way.

Here's a cool game concept that is really fresh—an employment agency for heroes that were ripped straight out of your history book! That's what My Crypto Heroes is all about, and it's a pretty awesome way to look at both history and the ways blockchain is already succeeding.

Your job is to collect famous historic figures, arm them with awesome items, and create a dream team of epic warriors who can always come through to save the day. The cost of your heroes is small, which means it's way more budget-friendly than most others on this list. How cool is that?

Is it me, or do a lot of these blockchain games feature seriously cute creatures? Axie Infinity is yet another ultra cute game that features awesome monsters called Axies that you can breed and battle.

They are cute, the adventures are plentiful, and the community is great. For a low cost game, you really can't get any better.

Though cuteness definitely seems to be in high demand, there are still some dapp games out there that offer up a nice, old school gamer kick in the teeth. This is an MMO that's all about war—waging it, forming alliances, building armies, and coming up with killer strategies.

Even though it's only in beta, Crypto Assault is already gathering up a seriously devoted fanbase. Once it starts getting more mainstream, chances are that the early adopters will have seriously coveted gear.

A trading card game? On the blockchain? Apparently, it's a thing—and it's a game that has garnered the attention of major investors like Coinbase because of its exceptionally unique concept.

Gods Unchained is part trading card game, part blockchain game. You get to buy up collectible cards, play a game not unlike Magic, and explore new worlds with an incredible community.

Anyone who enjoyed Magic: The Gatheringwill want to try out Gods Unchained. The game currently has its first set of cards up for sale, so if you want to get in on it, you need to act quick.

Oddly enough, they recently teamed up with Cryptokitties for a really imaginative crossover. Go figure.

If you're tired of breeding, trading, and battling random things, MegaCryptoPolis might be a better dapp to try out. This game is one of the first to offer play similar to the old school game, Sim City 2000.

Your job in MegaCryptoPolis is to build your own city, keep your citizens safe, and make sure all your citizens have amenities they need to stay happy and functional. If you miss the classic early 90s game, this will bring back the nostalgia hardcore.

It's no secret that cryptocurrency first got its start when it was used as a criminal currency on sites like Silk Road. In that sense, DopeRaider isn't just one of the cooler dapp games on the market; it's also a nod to crypto's rebellious roots.

DopeRaider takes you into the underworld economy of dealing drugs. You begin as a Narco, and have to rise through criminal ranks in order to gain more drugs, more selling territory, and more power.

Adventure gaming might just get a new breath of fresh air thanks to blockchain, and EOS Knights is a good example as to why. This EOS-based game offers up awesome adventures, a rich marketplace, cool gameplay, and tons of fun.

All your account's data is safely locked in the EOS blockchain, showing signs blockchain is here to stay. So unlike your Runescape account, it won't get wiped out because of a server crash. Dapp games are cool like that, you know.

product review
Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen
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