Trendy Wedges for Women

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Trendy Wedges for Women

Wedges or wedge shoes are the most reliable footwear for women. You can feel the difference once you try any of the gorgeous pair of wedges with your bare feet. A wedge-shaped heel provides more space for balance when walking. Wedges go well with summer dresses (particularly casual dresses). You can also dress up any pair of wedges with denim or trousers. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable yet trendy footwear for women (of all age groups).

Everyone knows that wedges are the most fashionable and contented footwear for women... But the key reasons for the immense popularity and demand of these gorgeous beauties are many. Most ladies wear heels to make their legs look longer, to improve their posture, to look thinner, etc. Wedge heels provide more support than high heels or stilettos. Wedges offer a strong grip and balance to feet and reduce the risk of falls. Moreover, the wedge supports more arches and reduces the risks of legs and ankles problems.

In this article, I’ll describe trendy wedges for women in 2019. Have a look!

Wedge Sandals

Sandals are considered as the most common and established footwear. Wedge sandals can be used for a variety of purposes. It is the widely used footwear among women and it comes in a variety of styles and designs. You can pick the best-suited wedge sandals by reviewing various criteria such as comfort, durability, design, and style.

Broad Strap Wedges

Choose this wide strap wedge heel with a broad buckle and strap. These shoes are perfect for an evening outing. Wedges are perfect shoes in combination with skirts or jeans.

Classic Wedges

The classic wedges are the best option whether you planning to attend an official meeting or want to travel out of town. In addition to being smooth and simple, it also has a luxurious soft-lined insole to keep your feet relaxed. Moreover, this footwear is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Every woman should own at least a pair of classic wedges as it helps the wearer in creating their own style and fashion statement.

Sneaker Wedges (Casual Wedges)

Sneaker wedges come in different designs and colors to select from. Its sole comprises 100% rubber and it is strong enough to withstand normal wear. The complete design of the wedge sneakers has a small slip area that provides the convenience to the feet from inside.

Heeled Shoe Wedges

Heeled shoe wedges are comfortable shoe wear and it provides many benefits to the wearer. Because the heel extends over the entire length of the foot, the wedge-shaped heel supports the frame much more than any other type of heels. Moreover, wedge-heeled shoes come in different heel heights, which makes every lady look gorgeous.

Wedge Pump

The pump design wedges not only provide comfort but are also a good option to give style to everyday clothes. There are various well-known shoe brands that offer wedge shoes that are very comfortable to wear on a regular basis.


Through various studies and reports (from many retail stores & online shopping sites) it is concluded that, nowadays, there is a huge demand and popularity of wedge shoes among women. Moreover, it was found out that the biggest factors involved in its upsurge in the footwear market—is its versatility, reliability, and wide variety of range. Also, these gorgeous beauties have already started captivating the huge customer base of the Indian footwear market.

Rosso Brunello well-known shoe brand was established in 2010 with the vision of providing designer fashionable or stylish footwear to fashion-conscious men and women.

This article illustrates about trendy wedges for women in 2019. I hope this write-up would help you out in choosing the right pair of wedges. Cheers!

Marie Safel
Marie Safel
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