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The Shoulder Bag

Let's talk about men bags and street style

By Moda MasculinaPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

The shoulder bag is a famous men's fashion accessory that came up with references of retro style, inspired by a small multifunctional bag that makes the look cool.

A very present product on the street that can present different sizes, colors, models and types of handles. Anyone who thinks this accessory is just part of a stylish man's wardrobe will have to rethink. Nowadays, the darling of the streets has several models suitable for men and women.

Do you know how the shoulder bag trend started?

The new favorite bag from the fashionista guys was popularized in the summer of 2019 and will continue to dominate fashion in 2020. It is basically a combination of a waist bag and a messenger bag and has the power to make any look more elegant and cool. In addition to being easy to transport, we can also put all the items we need in a compact space, such as cell phones, wallets, documents, headphones. The success of this accessory is simple: practicality and style.

How to use?

Although it was used in a combination of completely informal look, a shoulder bag can be inserted in a more formal and sporty look. For this reason, it is recommended that the material of the bag matches the type of clothing. In other words, if you are wearing a leather look, you should also use a leather cross bag.

So, now that we know how amazing this accessory is, here are the tips!


Urban street accessories go well with this style of clothing. Like sweatshirts, baggy pants, tights, torn pants and sneakers. Perceives the combination of modernity and fashion.

Shoulder bag and exercise suit

When exercising, you should wear light sportswear so that you can move around in the best way. The cross bag is versatile and allows you to transport the items we still carry, making it a good partner for allies and training. It is best to choose a short strap and adjust it crosswise over your torso so that it does not move while walking.

Does it match the work environment?

Yes, this accessory can be used in the company. Usually, the model is made of leather, PVC texture or polyethylene plastic, being very practical and some models waterproof.

Shoulder bag and basic looks

Contrary to what people think, the shoulder bag can be used for casual use without bringing urban footprints. Choose the black square model.

One last curiosity: The shoulder bag is inspired by the postman bag. In addition to making the appearance more fashionable, practical accessories can also be combined with various styles of appearance, from urban to informal.


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