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The Dream Bags

by Heeta 4 months ago in trends

Would you pay thousands for these? III

Image belongs to Gucci

This is essentially my wish list, I know I won't buy each and every one. But a girl can still look! I absolutely love window shopping. The prices are listed in US dollars. I didn't order this list in any particular order. But the first four are definitely the it bags for now. I definitely can see myself using this for the everyday. Would you? Or is too much?

I like coffee, you like tea. Let's not get upset over something like that ^^

1. Gucci: Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag

Image belongs to Gucci

I've lusted after this bag so much. Have had an affair with each version of the Gucci Dionysus bag. But I still keep coming back to this one. And the all leather black and brown ones too. Really can't wait to get my hands on this one.


Find it here!

2. Saint Laurent: Small LouLou Bag

Image belongs to Saint Laurent

I actually really was keen on the YSL's Lou camera bag, but somehow this one has grown on me way more recently. I was so close to buying this one, but I really want a one made in France. Maybe during my future trip to France?


Find it here!

3. Chanel: Boy Handbag

Image belongs to Chanel

Dude, so aiming to get this before my thirtieth birthday, YASS!!! And surprisingly I am leaning towards a color. Gasp. Spending that much of a dime on a non-neutral color seems wild. But then again I won't be getting this to resale it anyways.

I honestly don't know what the price is. Do I even want to find out.

Find it here!

4. Louis Vuitton: Vaugirard

Image belongs to LVMH

Honestly, this is such a cute bag. I am surprised why this is not as trendy as LV's other pieces. Generally, not a monogram fan, especially from LV. But I love it so much here.


Find it here!

5. Versace: Medusa Head Shoulder Bag

Image belongs to Versace

I don't really love it just yet, but I keep looking at it. I have a feeling it will grow on me. Plus that beige color is cool toned, exactly my cup of tea.


Find it here!

6. Prada: Small Galleria Saffiano Bag

Image belongs to Prada

I am generally more inclined towards a dome shaped bag. But this, it's so pretty. Maybe it's the color?


7. Burberry: Large Tartan Print Leather Grace Bag

Image belongs to Burberry

My gods, this just looks so right for the highlands, I absolutely love it. It looks like it could take me to another place.


Find it here!

8. Fendi: Moonlight Crossbody Bag

Image belongs to Fendi

Chloe has a similar shaped bag, which I am not a fan of. But this one by Fendi? French's Kiss. And yes, yes I know Fendi is Italian. This was the only colour I liked in the entire line up though. Usually, I have a hard time deciding.


9. Givenchy: Logo-Plaque Chain Bag

Image belongs to Givenchy

I definitely know this won't ever make it on my shelf. But I love it so much. Just not enough.


Find it here!

10. Bottega Venetta: Dhalia Piazza

Image belongs to Bottega Venetta

Bottega Venetta is such a difficult brand for me. Some of their bags are way too out there. But this one, the structure of it just so augh. Plus that strap. I would definitely get in a different colour palette. Something maybe monochromatic or something with a combination of grey, white, or black.


Find it here!

Au Revoir! xoxo

Would You Pay Thousands For These?

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